The Enemies Within.

The Conflict of interest in the All Progressives Congress(APC),President Buhari must contain- to leave a legacy.
Yes o! the Elections are over; the “winners” celebrate, the ”losers”,sulk. While President Buhari’s All Progressives Congress(APC) trundles to Eagle Square, Abuja, for the Inauguration; the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP),the main opposition party –and until 2015,the leading Party, that once boasted that it will be in power, in Nigeria, for 50 years- heads to the Presidential Elections Tribunal(PET-quite a tragicomic pun).It is each Party’s right. And on a personal level, it is Alhaji Atiku Abubakar’s right, to seek solace and justice, ? from the Tribunal. I t is disheartening that many so called well-meaning Nigerians are “pleading” with Alhaji Atiku, not to go to Court. Shocking. Disgusting. This is why Nigeria has not progressed in political development. Always seeking compromises. In Idomaland (thoroughly suppressed minority tribe in Benue State, North Central Nigeria),there are two sayings: Do not attempt to swallow a bone that you can’t define; if you do,it will get stuck in your throat. Here we are on a larger scale: Why is “everyone” begging Alhaji Atiku? Have we done some things ,we shouldn’t have? OUT WITH IT, chaps. IT’S TIME TO LEAVE A LEGACY
The enemies Within
So, President Buhari, in this his 2nd and final term, MUST look inward, at his Party’s set up: at the members; at the membership; at the rules, for entering, leaving and re-entering the Party(as at now, the looseness of the these activities have weakened the Party). Mr Oshiomole’s threats and agbero tactics, will not bring discipline; rather ,it will increase dissidence and sabotage. This is why I have devoted this POST to IDENTIFYING THE Enemies within, for Mr President – and Mr Oshiomole, National Chairman/unrepentant dictator. These enemies’ roles and activities are inimical to the interests of the APC. It is quite shameful that certain “powerful” lords, claiming to be “leader” of the Party, in certain states, can ,decide who is the Party’s candidate, for a particular election; and, in some worse case scenarios, the “leader’s” wife nullifies congress results, on such over drunk excuse, as” I don’t know him”. Or more scathing,” this Party is our investment”. TRUE. i swear! Thus, the activities of these enemies affect, not only the reputation of the Federal Government, but, has destroyed most of the APC controlled states. Thus, in a state like Benue, which is likely to produce an APC Government, the Governor, is starting with a mountain of a backpack: A House of Assembly, with an overwhelming majority. As at the time of this Post, the opposition PDP has taken 17 seats, in a House of 23. The enemies within are in two groups – those within the original APC, who have become powerless, isolated and uncompensated. They see their years of isolation, as the opposition,, being extended. And justifiably so: They see opponents, bitter rivals, who stopped at nothing, to defeat them, in previous years, now “in” APC, appointed into positions, they had hoped for. For instance, after all the insults, denigrations, that Mallam Nasir el Rufa’I, erstwhile Bureau for Public Enterprises Boss, erstwhile ,Minister of the Federal Capital Territory(FCT),erstwhile, rosy cheeked favored boy of the PDP, poured on candidate Buhari,NOW,in the APC, AND his cheeks are still ROSY. We, truly, are PAINED. Could someone who demystified, vilified, Baba, be so warmly and hugely compensated? What about all the Boards and Agencies – at Federal and State levels: And not a single original member of the APC. Suddenly, their laughters blind us. And our tears are futile .They told us, that there was nothing like “old APC” and “new APC”. We were ONE happy Family. We stared starry-eyed, as newspapers rolled out names of newer ‘new APC” decampees – refugees from justice, refugees seeking how to launder ill-gotten wealth; refugees seeking relevance after abandoning their sinking ship. They got everything. And, we are left, with empty begging bowls. And, you think I should hug you. We were made fools of.
But, who could Have Silenced President Buhari?
BUT, Who could have silenced President Buhari? On being declared the winner of the 2015 Presidential Elections, then President –elect Buhari, POINTEDLY, asked all aspiring decampees, to stay back , in their respective Parties and form a strong and formidable Opposition. By Allah(swt)! Those who advised the President, to simmer down. To let go, of his, in my opinion, most important Inaugural Speech, did NOT do Nigeria, any service. They were/are wicked, selfish and devilish. If we all stayed in our Parties, as the Americans, do, I swear, Nigeria, would have been better. The President may not have PhD, in political science or economics, but, he has the right instincts. He might not have been able to put those rebuking words to the decampees, in proper perspective; but, those advisers or whoever, should note this: “ Indeed, on a global level, it has been shown that when competition in an industry or country is most demanding and creative, companies in that market go on to greater successes in other markets. The smarter the competition in a marketplace, the better the chance for company survival and prosperity. In essence, creative competition means an improved standard of living.”( Mark McNeilly’) Instead, these mercenaries. No. Harlots; left their Party, which they had ruined, to RAM into the soft belly, of a TIMID,SURPRISED and UNPREPARED APC. Even now, four years later, the APC, is uncertain, whether, it is the Main Party or still in the opposition. It’s that bad! The PDP Immigrants, flush with slush money, accustomed to bullying and buying everything, in their way, flooded the APC, took over its machinery – and turned it into one of PDP’s most successful subsidiaries. Does Mr President know all these goings on? Couldn’t he, on occasions, ask his aides, “where are those my fellow wayfarers? – From CPC, AC and ANPP?” Two Comrades and a Trader. He must have; otherwise, he wouldn’t have won re-election. So, who silenced the President? For the life of me, if they could come together, to defeat the mighty PDP, not once. But, twice. Why can’t they come to Mr President and ask ”where is our PARTY?”
The enemies within-ii
Thus, the disappointed enemies within, who make the first group, do all in their power, to sabotage the APC. And what about the 2nd Group? The decampees, who style themselves as “defectors” – if only they understand the deeper connotation, in espionage lingo. The PDP defectors/Decampees, or by whatever name called, came into APC, with a solid agenda. Alas! they came to bring the APC down. In my opinion, these enemies, with no love, for the APC, have done incalculable damage, to the ego and credibility of the APC: First, by getting themselves accepted so easily into the APC, they deliberately opened up the APC’s soft spot – that, it is a safe haven for disgruntled PDP chieftains. Truly,no matter what angle one looks at it, these decampees, known to be laden with LOOT, created an immense image problem, for the hitherto, clean APC. President Buhari , may be Mr Integrity, but, alas! His Inner Circle, his Middle Circle and the Outer Circle, are all badly dented. In all honesty, it is almost impossible to get a “clean” fellow ,in any of the RINGS, SURROUNDING the President. Talk about Saturn and its Rings.2ndly, these decampees had for most of 16 years, clothed themselves, in togas of power, wealth and invincibility. They had carried on, like the Mafia dons in Mario Puzo’s Godfather. Men, who had the judiciary and everybody ,in their pockets. So, the years had made us to hold them in awe. When they joined the APC, therefore, they shot themselves straight to the top of the ladder .As close to the President, as possible. They simply resumed being our Bosses .Finally, they did what they were sent to do: Corrupt the APC and turn over part of their sty to the APCians .Everyone loves the good thing – from talakawaism, we saw what they had always enjoyed. We fell.
Am surprised that not a single comment in the Nigerian Media, or the global social media, expressed surprise, at the record setting rise of PDP, from its prone, thoroughly beaten position, in 2015 – supposedly, in its death throes – could in 3 short years, pose such a threat at the General Elections in 2019 ! This is the lasting testament of the internal cohesiveness OF THE PDP – and the loose, almost mob like organization of the masses of the APC. Luckily for Mr Buhari, the adoration of the Northern hordes, saved him – and Mr Tinubu – in the South West. Together, they were able to present a firewall, that Mr Atiku, and his rampaging ‘christian’ hordes, could not breach. Quite ironical, that the ”Christian” crusaders ,did not realize or were so blinded by their hatred of “Fulani” Buhari, that their Emperor, Mr Atiku, was/is a Fulani and moslem.
Where is Mr Oshiomole coming From ?
Where is Oshiomole coming from? THE APC is not a military formation; it is a political party. And membership of a political party is voluntary and based on perceived similar ideologies. With his wealth, I wonder if Mr Oshiomole has any ideology left – except, may be , how to save his money. The APC is not, even remotely, like the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC),where Mr Oshiomole, held undemocratic sway for years; and he “ faced down soldiers with their guns, in their barracks”( his words) You cannot and must not militarize the APC. If a member is errant, in your opinion, there are instruments in the Party Constitution, to address the problem. You just cannot tell members to “fall in line or leave the Party”. Not done, anywhere, sir .Mr National CHAIRMAN, IF NOTHING ELSE, THE General Elections, showed us, that your strong arm tactics, failed; AND has sent the APC, into Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Was it panic? Was it insanity, induced by your power? What could have led you to publicly announce that all those who are facing corruption charges, will be declared clean and “forgiven”, if they should join the APC? It was unbelievable, unguarded and RECKLESS. In my humble opinion, you and state chairmen, like you, constitute the 3rd group, of the enemies within.
In FOUR years’ time ,with President Buhari gone, we will revert to our more comfortable position – the opposition. For, if we are honest, with ourselves, the APC does not possess the resilience, cohesive ness, financial clout and spread of the “opposition” PDP. It was the sheer magic of Buhari, not the evasive, self – effacing and nondescript qualities of most APC members ,that won the Election. If the supine PDP frightened us, this deeply , in 2019, I wonder how 2023 will be. If the Presidential Elections, had not been postponed from 16 MARCH 2019,, we would have witnessed the most fantastic sleight of hand, in political history. Atiku Abubakar would have swept the whole country; .And it would all have been over, but, the shouting. The PDP is well tutored, and schooled IN ELECTION MANIPULATIONS AND BALLOT BOX CHICANERY. They have no qualms, nor conscience, when it comes to cheating. But, the PDP either underestimated the timid APC or it forgot that its agents(who defected to APC) could be turned. It was fortuitous that an unknown “genius” convinced(?) the Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) to postpone the Elections. We had a frightening idea of what would have happened , nationwide, with the results that came from Benue State Governorship Elections of 23 March,2019.: In several Local Government Areas, results showed that in most Polling Units(PU),the PDP scored 100% of the votes; in fact, even the agents of other political parties, “voted” for the PDP.
As at the time of this Post, the PDP has gone before the Presidential Elections Tribunal(PET) seeking to
recover its “stolen Mandate”(their words). Luckily, the judges know better.
Rare .Very Rare. In fact, not since Napoleon Bonaparte’s miscalculation and underestimation ,at Waterloo, have I read or seen such faux pas . by Senators Akume and Bukola Saraki: For politicians of their pedigree, they were caught flatfooted in their own game .My advice: No politician or soldier or businessman/ woman or family person should be seen without Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

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