2nd And Final Inaugural Address…

(This is our Dream 2nd Inaugural Address by President Muhammadu Buhari to the Nigerian Nation)


That President Muhammadu Buhari won the popular vote by a surprisingly high margin – over 5 million – despite all the social and popular media onslaughts and international media predictions – was a Statement of Rejection,by “ordinary” Nigerians, of corruption, of evil,of inanity, and I must admit,of 16 years of drift(that truncated a good dream -Vision 2020 !) The so-called elites,power brokers, Nostradamus’s of African affairs – our high and mighty – who attend cinemas,stand up comedy shows,church crusades – to sit at tables,costing 5 million Naira ( about 15000USD) ,eating ordered pizzas,from London (if Nigeria’s Agriculture Minister, Chief Audu Ogbe,is to be believed) – were exposed and disgraced by the Election results. They finally realised that they are in the MINORITY. They can guest write for media like The New York Times(NYT),Time,The Economist, for all we care.After all,The Economist,once confessed that it’s readership is heavy in the US.Indeed,majority of Nigerians,cannot afford a copy,nor, have access to them. So,write on. They lost. They lost the Election resoundingly. They lost in their bid to continue living in the Fool’s Paradise,of mad profligacy of the GEJ Era – and painfully inherited from earlier crazy eras (especially the IBB era).

So,this imaginary speech is a reflection of the dreams and hopes of millions of Nigerians,like me,who voted for Buhari ( whose obvious shortcomings,we preferred).

The Speech

Fellow Compatriots,

In this my Second and Final Inaugural Address, I have deliberately deviated from the usual salutation of fellow Nigerians. It does not give me the satisfaction of knowing that we have been fellow travellers on this difficult road of nation Repairs. You know that to repair is more difficult than building. I have no intention of blaming anybody or previous government, but, it would be deceiving ourselves, if we say that we did not inherit a mess,in the Economy. In security. And,in real terms,at personal level,our moral values.We reduced life to money and how to acquire it.The means was not to be considered. Our traditional values and our religious upbringings, were discarded.

The Elections are over.The various Tribunals are sitting nationwide. My Administration will be remembered – and has set a high bar – for fair,credible and non government interference in the electoral process. We beat our chests and say proudly that we allowed our people to vote for candidates of their choice. Am happy that we have earned the praises of local and international observers. We appreciate the praises of the international community,for our fairness. I sincerely thank all Nigerians. I thank the international Community, for their support.

Dear Compatriots, I do not know the real intentions of those who shout at every opportunity that we are too tough in our fight against banditry,rascality and corruption. I assure you that the full investigative apparatus of government will be deployed to recover the stolen Commonwealth. And the guilty will be fully and appropriately punished. No matter how highly placed. I have heard that those being tried so far,are from the opposition,whatever that means.I assure you,dear Country men and women,that political party considerations will not matter or affect the investigations. In such a three pronged battle,we must rally together. I believe that every Nigerian has the right to be secure. I believe that right includes security of abode,security in the workplace and security to air your views,without hindrance. I feel deeply concerned that Nigerian lives are wasted on a daily basis,all over the world. This is unacceptable. I assure you that before the end of this Administration, we shall put an end to insecurity. I wish to express my deep condolences to all families, for their loss.

Let me touch briefly on certain pressing issues.Do the National Honours conferred on certain individuals, really reflect their positive contributions to the Nigerian society? Since I cannot reverse some of these awards, I have ordered the complete review of the criteria for conferring national honours. I will ensure that they are strictly followed. No longer will we allow obvious and known thieves, robbers and miscreants, to wear the ribbon of national pride. Subsequently, we shall strip those found guilty of criminality. I feel deep shame to hear or read that such and such a fellow who holds the national honour of Commander of the Federal Republic,CFR,has been convicted of stealing. I intend to leave a legacy of a cleaned out Nigeria,where unexplained wealth,where uncontrolled display of wealth,will be abhorred,not praised. We must teach our children that hard work and honest living,based on the fear of God, are the best policies. To this end,we shall put in place added incentives for our prosecutors, investigators and administrators of justice,to ensure they perform optimally and can reject bribes. We shall further review the high performing Whistleblower Programme,to encourage more disclosures.

In 2015,at our First Inauguration,we promised to ensure that our people’s lives are secure – whether at home or travelling on our roads,sea or air – at all hours of the day and in any part of the country. We promised to rebuild all roads. Rebuild industries. Ensure that our educational and health facilities are upgraded to world standard. We have not reached there,but,I believe all Nigerians can see our efforts. We have increased our electricity supply to a national high of over 70% daily. We intend to do more. We have assented to the new Minimum wage .We care for our workers. I commend the Nigeria Labour Congress,for its strength, patience and cooperation. You have being worthy representatives of our workers. Thank you. I hope you will ensure that the private sector follows suit. When we talked about moving to the next level,we mean that we have completed virtually all projects abandoned by previous administrations. In this next level,by the grace of God,we are committed to putting Nigeria firmly on the path of industrialization.

I once again restate my total commitment to ensuring that our Chibok girls are brought back.We feel pain with the families.We are parents also. All efforts are being made to bring them back.And this includes Leah Sharibu. Permit me to publicly express the gratitude of my family and I for the massive support and love shown to us,during the trying period of my son’s accident. We are humbled. I assure all Nigerians that our daughters and all other hostages will be freed. The efforts and sacrifices of the Bring Back Our Girls is hereby acknowledged with gratitude. For the first time,their efforts have shown that we can be our brother’s keepers. I thank you. I want to thank members of the Nigerian Armed Forces,the Nigeria Police,other security and paramilitary forces for their sacrifice. I commend the various Civilian Joint Task Forces especially in Bornu and Zamfara states,for their immense sacrifice and commitment. May Allah bless you all and reward those who died that we may live.

Finally, Compatriots,it is time for bonding. It is time for moving forward. To move our dear country to the next level. It is my hope and dream that in 4 years’ time,the transition to a new administration. I hope it is still APC, will be a time for jubilation, celebration and fanfare. We must not blindfold ourselves with the scarf of ethnicism and thus blindly swipe away national unity and national cohesion. I thank you all. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.



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