Crime, Criminality And War… It’s Time to clamp down on fake news…

War and Media Reporting

This weekend is like no other weekend, since 1966 and stretching the tension years that dovetailed into the Nigerian Civil war. Then,as Now, the air was soaked with Fear and Tension.

Young people born in the late 60s and the 70s will never imagine how Nigeria was. It was now and More. So, when people like Sowore, Femi Fani Kayode write INCITIVE news and Tweets – which barely skirt the edges of treason and sedition, I laugh. And when the online news medium,The Cable, blares news that is heavily tinged with falsehood and exaggeration, one wonders at such stupidity

No one in his correct senses courts chaos and war.

These days that ownership of online news media, is a free- for- all,one notices that “politicians” and their paid writers indulge in all manner of destructive, disruptive reporting. BUT,now, in these days of War Against CoronaVirus, all these have to stop or be Forced to stop. This is a a war situation – and all laws MUST be suspended, for effective and victorious execution of this war.

Creating Panic and Confusion

It’s amazing that since the CoronaVirus pandemic broke in China and distant lands, the Federal Government of Nigeria,has treaded a path of caution and diplomacy: It delayed closing the airspace, the land borders and allowed a new catchphrase,”self isolation”. Whether that delay was a fatal mistake, we shall know. That some times, the gut feeling should supercede diplomacy or politics is evident here. For fear of being criticized by “the opposition”, I think we put the lives of millions at risk. Today, not only Atiku Abubakar’s son is in forceful quarantine. He has by his actions and “deliberate” taurin kayi, put hundreds of lives at risk!

By flouting the Federal Government’s orders  restricting gatherings, the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) and Governor Seye Makinde of Oyo State, in holding a political rally in Ibadan ( Nigeria’s 3rd most populated State), have put the lives of millions of Nigerians at risk!

By also deliberately disobeying simple orders, Bishop Oyedepo,whose Canaanland boasts of not less than a hundred thousand,at each Sunday service,has put almost the whole of Ogun State and neighbouring States,at risk. It was such a simple order. Common sense dictates that there are times to fight and times for self restraint.

Silly Silly Acts of Eye Service


The cost of “eye Service” can be tragic, sometimes. The cost of being “a big man and above the  law” can become a National tragedy. This is the situation now. People who think that by their puny political positions,they are above death, are now face to face with reality. It’s the greatest irony that Mallam Abba Kyari, the powerful Chief of Staff, who virtually could part the Atlantic Ocean,with a wave of his hand, now finds himself the object of pity, by minions like Lai Mohamed; who now dared to ogle the Master,in his pitiful state. Several State Governors,in pathetic arrogance find themselves unnecessarily “positive”. It’s a sad commentary on our attitude to governance and disrespect to the ruled.

Salaries,Stimulus Packages and National Identity Card

In view of the fact that we do not have a Social Security system in place, I opine that the National Identity Card be used to make an urgent soft payment of #20000 ( twenty thousand naira) to all Nigerians. Luckily,due to the numerous programmes of the different Governments, almost all Nigerians have one bank account or the other. The safest way for the money to reach all Nigerians is through the banks.

Secondly, while that is in the works, the Federal Government, State Governments and the Private Sector should pay the salaries of all workers for the months of March and April,at once. A “stay at home”order will truly be meaningful if all workers, have the means to stock up, for a few weeks or have the financial means to obey. As things stand, more families are more afraid of the imminent starvation and hardship than the CoronaVirus. I shiver to imagine if at this crucial time, a baby or child falls ill; and the family has no money to fall back on. I don’t think as at now, that there’s any family that will agree to give one a loan of even #5000(five thousand naira).

the President and

This is no time for PANIC. While I have no doubt that Mallam Nasir el- Rufa’i, the small but mighty Governor of Kaduna State, means well by imposing a 24 hour curfew, I think it is overreaction and a waste of the parade of power. I want to advise that the curfew should be between the hours of 10am and 6pm. The hours before nightfall can be used to replenish a few things. And the hours after 10am are too hot,for any sensible person to be walking all over the place. Again, may I advice that he pay all his . private employers in Kaduna State to pay their workers for the months of Mach and April, combined, by next week?

And the small and medium businesses must be taken into consideration. Since every transporter, every “business centre”, every ”  mama put” is registered with each State’s Ministry of Trade, we know where each business is located; so, paying them a little amount,like #50,000 (fifty thousand naira), will hold them up. Whatever the definition of recession or growth that does not take into consideration the fate of small businesses is wrong. These constitute the small nuts that hold the big wheels in place. What would a manufacturer be without the he chain?

That is the true meaning of stimulus!

And this is the time for the Federal Government to show gratitude to the frontline fighters: The Nigetian Armed Forces, in the fight against Boko Haram, the Nigetian Armed Forces,on the streets, fighting CoronaVirus,2) the Doctors, Nurses, Ambulance personnel, the Laboratory people,all the other Security Services, who have doggedly been there for us. An immediate payment of #100,000 ( One hundred thousand naira) flat rate, be paid immediately into the accounts of ALL these categories listed above. While we are all exposed,some may argue, I firmly believe that they are truly the First contact with an infected person. It’s a big sacrifice, beyond the call of duty.

So should the Stimulus Packages,be distributed.

Need for the imposition of a National State of Emergency

Whatever anyone particularly those living in great comfort in their mansions, palaces and even flats; with all the little comforts of life available SAY to the contrary, we are in a state of National Emergency.

However, their comfort is not my concern. What worries me is that the Nigerian Media, especially those controlled by ” people who were wronged by President Buhari – through his victory, through his appointments, through his war against corruption – have been on the warpath. Again, their vituperations do not worry me. It’s the thin ice of sedition, treachery and treason that they are now walking,egged on by “International” elders. When a news medium writes or broadcasts falsehood or exaggerated news of military setbacks, then, honestly, IT’S TIME TO REIN in – the indiscipline, Agberonchi and I Dare you stance of those inciting and inviting chaos. Can any American call for a “revolt” as Sowore is doing? Any discerning person can see that despite President Trump’s unfettered intrusions in the job of the National CoronaVirus Task Force, the major news outlets – CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times- have toned down their vitriolic attacks on him. Ditto, Mrs Clinton and the Democratic Party. They have maintained a studied silence. In fact, the Democratic Party has given overwhelming support to Mr Trump. This is a collective fight. Not about Trump.

A State of National Emergency can be called when in the opinion of the President,large percentage of the population is threatened. As you can see, the National Assembly and all our “big men” have withdrawn into their “summer palaces.” Some State Governors have gleefully,almost tauntingly, gone into “self isolation”. As well, they can. As well,they should.Their one life is more important to them than the millions they rule.

And here in Nigeria, we have gangs of miscreants, speaking ” for most of the country” braying, baying and barking – that the defeated Mr Atiku, would have done better. But, more annoying,is that Mr Atiku is permanently on Twitter, missteping…

Mr President, it’s time to assert your authority and forcefully heal the wound. It’s unheard of, for the “opposition”, to hold rallies, in the face of a national emergency.
  It’s time to stop being the Opposition. It’s time to assert and show You are the President and in charge!


Here are two poems. One is a monologue by an imaginary CoronaVirus afflicted patient; and the other hope and the beauty of faith:

Weapons of destruction

The headache, an unending

pain in my skull

as though weapons of destruction

are being fired inside my head

my body a high fever

like a volcano waiting to erupt

my sweat a pool for me

to swim in

Alone on my dying bed

with no one by my side

to bid me farewell

all for fear of their own demise

I blame them not but I blame

this cursed unknown Virus that

has left me abandoned like a barren land

This agony I face alone

Those who manage to see me

are kitted up like


about to take off

to outer space

they say even the air I breathe

is poison to them

I am worried

because I do not have long…

I am worried

because I do not know what I

might have done or who I might

have shared my curse with

I cry daily

afraid that an antidote may never be



my astronaut friends have told me

not to worry

for a cure is on its way

So I lay back in my Pain

and agony

hopeful for salvation.

@ Mohammed Abdulmajeed Liman,2020

Tell me I’m silly, I know
Isn’t it funny how dung makes things grow
It’s quite ironic, God made it this way
Is there something He wanted to tell us without having to say
The things in life that make us grow
Aren’t always going to be pleasant, this is so
If you plan to plant flowers today
When you open your fertilizer
You will smell that smell, lift up your head and pray
Thank Him for bringing forth this sun shiny spring
Spring blossoms make the birds sing
AHH, that joyous smell of spring
Copyright :
© Wendy Ronshausen