Before All Our Gods and Ancestors

We Demand for immediate implementation from President Buhari……….

In our last Post, we “correctly predicted” that incumbent Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, will win re-election for a 2nd four year term: It did not need a soothsayer or the German oracle, to see where millions of Nigerians will vote. The surprise was that Atiku Abubakar, whose reputation dragged behind him, won so many votes. Where did these votes come from? Or could Nigerians, in spite of all the name calling and as The New York Times, joining the taunting crowd called Atiku, “corruption-stained competitor”- have copied the Americans, in trying to vote in Mr Atiku, with all his “sins”?

So, while waiting for Atiku Abubakar to go to court; and while waiting for May 29, Swearing In Ceremony of Mr. Buhari, we join other bloggers, newspaper columnists, gossips, amebos, of all colorations,; and Mr. Atiku, whom we heard  presented the National Peace Committee, a number of Demands, to forward to Mr Buhari. Strangely, but not surprising, we heard the main Demand by Mr Atiku, was that President Buhari should “unfreeze” all accounts of “opposition” politicians. Quite a tall order, considering that the definition of “opposition” in Nigeria is as vague as the blanket, undefined, childish and belligerent demand, Two questions: 1) Is Mr Atiku in a position to make demands, of any sort? I thought that the only option available to him is to go to court, after all, he is representing Nigerian voters, 2) Did the National Peace Committee, on its own ask Mr. Atiku to make the “demands”?

So, since this is a season of Demands, we, hereby call on ALL Our Gods And Ancestors, to bear witness as, we place our Demands before President Buhari:

Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Niger Delta Amnesty Programme and Niger Delta Ministry. The Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC) was conceived with utmost good intentions but, with the passage of time, it has become obsolete ,Wasteful and a drainpipe for unrestrained corruption, Was it not NDDC that a certain Managing Director gave a Juju man, the frightening sum of a hundred million Naira, to ensure he is never removed?

The Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, Again, the initial conception was noble. But, is it still noble? In its15 years in operation, one wonders at how billions, in all currencies of the world, were spent on “training” rascals, clowns and those who have never held a gun, but, fall into the nebulous category of “militants”. With the creation of the Ministry of the Niger Delta, one had hoped that the NDDC and the Amnesty Programme would be scrapped outright, no such luck.

For God’s sake, how did the asinine idea for a Niger Delta Ministry get the green light? We see all the figures spent, being spent and the unbelievable achievements, in billboards, posters and in sponsored television documentaries. And nothing on the ground, Have the Ogonis and other badly damaged communities been cleaned and rehabilitated? NO! We see former “warlords” like the buffoon, Asari Dokubo, flaunting his criminality in our faces. He has the courage to drive in a convoy on the streets of Abuja. IMAGINE a rehabilitated Abubakar SHEKAU, driving in a Tundra, on the streets of Abuja! Just imagine!

Our Demands: Shut down the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme. Do a comprehensive accounting of all monies spent, a list of all beneficiaries, where they went for training, the course they did and where they are presently employed. This way, we take judicial notice of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) and other pretenders to militancy and defence of the Niger Delta; and since they are armed political groups, they must be proscribed. 2ndly, we DEMAND the scrapping of the NDDC.

Bornu State Amnesty Programme For Boko Haram: What is happening to the much vaunted Amnesty Programme for Boko Haram fighters, who “repented”? We understand they underwent “detoxification”, de-briefing (whatever the Army meant!) and were released to the Bornu State Government. We understand that since these” ex-fighters” we were released, they have neither being gainfully employed, nor, in fact, rehabilitated, in any way. The result has been disastrous. We gathered that these young men have mostly found their way back to Boko Haram camps, in their thousands. If this true – and I have no reason to doubt it – then, the efforts at absorbing these boys, are wasted. Compared to the Niger Delta experiment, the Bornu effort was a fiasco. It should be suspended and re-packaged.

Our Demand: Do comprehensive vetting of both the Civilian JTF and the “repentant” Boko Haram fighters. Deport non-Nigerians. Sort out those the Nigerian Army, the Police and other para military services can absorb; including those to be absorbed into the various vigilante services. The essence, like the Niger Delta experiment, is to absorb them, gainfully, into Society. Unlike their Niger Delta compatriots, who have educational advantage, these ex-Boko Haram fighters or their opposites, the Civilian JTF, have no western education, but, must be absorbed to bring peace. AND, as for the CIVILIAN JTF, we make special case, for their immeasurable contribution to national security. For their patriotism, we STRONGLY DEMAND ADEQUATE AND LONG LASTING COMPENSATION for them. What was/is the contribution of the Niger Delta militants – mostly rascals, school drop-outs, area boys and wharf rats; yet, during the selection process, this particular category, who have no educational qualification, were put on monthly allowance, For the past 15 years… and counting? Doing Nothing: Not even sweeping the streets of Port Harcourt and Yenogoa. Doing Nothing! And in between serving as thugs, kidnappers, bunkerers and armed robbers. In all honesty, while the idea of calming the “restiveness” in the Niger Delta was good, I believe the necessary thorough investigations were not done, otherwise, the brains behind the “agitation” would have been known. They are not ghosts. Isn’t Asari Dokubo, ONE OF THEM? Aren’t there retired generals advising them? Please. In this new dispensation, we urge you to clean our country, Mr President. As you said recently, you intend to leave a befitting country for generations unborn. Be a man.

Revisit President Jonathan’s Constitution Review Committee Report.  Although a large number of “notable” and “respectable” Nigerians have advocated “restructuring”, I found that not one of them really can explain what he wants “restructured”. It is therefore, time for President Buhari to revisit the Report of the Constitution Review Committee set up by President Jonathan. Nigeria CANNOT afford to throw away or put such a Report on the backburner. Irrespective of method of selection or appointment one must say that these men and women are among the best in their chosen field, in the world: The Committee recommended the creation of a 54 state structure. This recommendation could only have come out of the inability of the Committee to define restructuring; so, they took a simplistic, noncontroversial option: Creation of a 54 state nation. Create more states in the six geopolitical zones, Everybody is happy, except the “restructuralists”.We believe that President Buhari who has lived in Nigeria all his life, ought to and should know, that the tensions of co-existence, more than oil, land or trifles like appointments are responsible for the national restiveness. Check out the tensions in the following states; Benue – the Tivs because of their numerical strength, will never allow the Idoma to be Governor. In Nassarawa State, the EGGONS, though numerically more than the “immigrant” Hausa, are less well connected. Their educational and numerical advantage come to NOUGHT. In Enugu State, the agitation for a Wawa State has been a recurring decimal, in Nigerian political agitation. The protagonists of the Wawa State, are in all honesty, aliens, in the scheme of things. In the STATE; In Kaduna State, create a state from Southern Kaduna.

Our Demand: We demand that the issue of state creation should be one of the first thorns, to pull out of the toe of the nation. We recommend the creation of additional FOUR states.

State Police: With all apologies, I consider the recommendation for a State Police, as the most idiotic in the whole Report.  A State Police! Laughable BUT tragic and downright, a bomb. God! What a State Governor will do with a state police! In Benue State, the formation of a Livestock Guard, reportedly armed with AK-47 rifles, has frightened people. At what point can a Governor order an attack on any opposing community?

Our Demand:  THROW OUT the crazy suggestion. Can you imagine a clash between a state police and the Nigeria Police?

Revenue Sharing Formula: Whatever drove the Constitution Review Committee to recommend a new national Revenue Sharing Formula, I believe they should have been bold enough to reduce the share of the Local Governments.

Our Demand: Based on experience at the Local Government level, in which nothing is done, we recommend that Mr President presents a bill to the National Assembly, with the following amendments: Federal Government 45%; States 35% and Local Government 20%.

Reduction of Political Parties: Definitely, there should be a way to contain madness. How can a serious country have 97 Political Parties?

Our Demand: Reduce the political parties in Nigeria to 2. As at now, if we are honest with ourselves, we would see that a Nigerian politician is either in PDP or APC. The latter being the disgruntled offspring of the former.

            I want to congratulate Nigerians for a very successful and peaceful Election I had hoped that vote buying in any form will disappear; but, to my chagrin, the quantity of money on display in these Elections shocked me. Since all parties tried to outspend each other, especially the two biggest parties, I must ask: Where did all the money go? Since 2007, this is the Election, in which our ordinary folks got the lowest amounts from the different parties and aspirants. Yet, we saw, we heard of bullion vans. So, where is ‘ze’ (sic) money? At the Polling unit, my mother, before casting her vote, asked me, if I was with her own share, I had no answer, because I had not seen any money. But, I ask in pain: Will our political system in Nigeria ever change? What legacy are we , the elders, leaving for our kids- ballot snatching, killing our opponents, burning of electoral materials, and turning other peoples’ children, into thugs? I shed tears. I SHED TEARS…And so, I put our demands to re-elected Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, BEFORE ALL our Gods…And Men, among whom are those who aspire to deity ship.  


 This is a poem that my son, Mohammed Liman, wrote on the spur of the moment, when he met a woman, rumored  to have used two of her grown up children, to replace her, in death(ritually or in the coven?) :

Is this the cost of immortality?

Is this the cost of immortality?

That I must sacrifice all I love

But should I have lost so much

For so little a fairytale

When I myself know the truth

When I close my eyes I am

Haunted by those I would have needed


But what a life I now leave

To be remembered as a wicked parent

When I will truly pay for ALL

And is this how my life will end?

A wicked old soul on a chair.


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