“Yes,Mr President. No, Mr President. Certainly, Mr President…”

Suddenly, there’s a profusion of unprecedented servility in the Polity. Every political office holder can no longer take decisions on his own: Everyone now claims,”the President has authorised”, ” the President has directed”. And all of us now, in this Season of Servility, have become “babies” – “Yes,Mr President”,” Certainly, Mr President”. But, I have a very, very uncomfortable feeling. This may sound alarmist, but, is there a conspiracy to pin all “decisions” on President Buhari? Why is every appointee so defensive ? When I was in the Military, it was WRONG for a subordinate officer or personnel, to address others, in relaying a message that, “CO say” or Commander say”. All levels hold a command; so, the relayed order must change to “I want this Policy implemented immediately”. The President gives the broad outline of what he wants. It is left for the relevant MDA or official to put flesh into the assignment. Thus, since 2016, when President Buhari set out his dream Programmes of lifting “100 million Nigerians out of Poverty”, it was left for the different MDAs to bring the dream to fruition. Now, in 2020, sadly, as Churchill once crazily said, “… you cannot leave the business of war to the soldiers,..” So, honestly, we, not only the onlookers but the direct beneficiaries of these Programmes, MUST step in. That is why I am pleased that Festus Keyamo,SAN, the Hon Minister of Labour is going about the “crazy” idea of employing 1000 “unskilled, itinerant workers” with maturity,wide consultation and a listening ear. He is a Nigerian and knows that this is planting season – and there won’t be “itinerant workers”. He is looking at the whole idea. I will now add this idea: When we were in secondary school in the 1970s, the Ministry of Agriculture had this “agriculture extension scheme”. The “unskilled workers included farmers resting after they had completed their own planting, primary school leavers. At our level, we were “supervisors”. The university undergrads were “coordinators”. Then, graduates were begged to take up jobs. Alas!

Honestly, nobody likes to see his Government have mud over its Face and body. After the fiasco with the unplanned, scary RUGA project, one would have expected that the President’s “Special Advisers”, Ministers and friends, would have ADVISED themselves to pull in all ongoing Programmes, for review and fine-tuning. We are talking about lasting legacy. To his credit, since President GE Jonathan knew he could not or did not have the courage to continue with President Yar’Adua’s 7Point Agenda, he silently jettisoned it. As our people say, ” if you don’t see a visitor in your parlour, he has gone back to his own house.” President Yar’Adua’s Agenda died a “natural” death.


I am hoping and dreaming that the following Programmes of the Federal Government are going to be placed on hold, until proper revisions, reviews and lasting surgical operations are carried out:

1. Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP) and it’s equally unprepared baby, the Modified HGSFP;

2. Conditional Cash Transfer and it’s Social Register;

3. Employment of 774000 “unskilled,itinerant workers”;

4. N-Power Programme;

5. Sure-P;

6. CBN Loan to SMEs and Households (?)

7. CACOVID proposed projects.

As a “fisi” or “gyara”, the President should urgently reshuffle his Cabinet. He has so many “excuses” ( he doesn’t need any,but,) to drop many: a) why are private and nonessential planes flying in our airspace?;b) why is the FCT so dirty and beggars everywhere?;c) why is the Labour Ministry allowing ASUU to keep “messing” them up? There are alternatives, like CONUA. Imagine the ASUU National President doesn’t know about the benefits of virtual learning. Ha!;

5. What is the job of the Ministry of the Niger Delta? And what does NDDC do?

6. Is there a Minister in the Sports Ministry?

7. Where is the Education Minister? Deskbound? Promote the Minister of State to full Minister. He has ideas and seems restricted by his position.

8. On and on, the litany of sleeping, feet-on-the table ministers…

Postscript 2

There is nothing to say about the security incident at the Presidential Villa last week. Thank God, the President has swiftly dealt with the gross misdemeanor and indiscipline. Such “raynin wayo” must never be allowed to rear it’s head again. The ADC to the First Lady should be severely reprimanded. Mere deployment is like a congratulatory slap on the back. As I said earlier, that ugly chapter is over. No need to stoke the dying embers. The President asserted himself. Thank you, Sir. Mallam Garba Shehu’s Press Release was a masterly display of mature journalism. It’s objectivity was a calm salve, as things were. I commend him.


The greatest legacy a leader can leave for posterity, is the one that affects the mind. It’s indelible. Today, Tomorrow and Forever, PMB, GMB or whatever you choose to call President Buhari, he INSTILLED in us the Queue culture. It’s a lasting legacy. After all, the politicians and “elite” of the Southeast are not even grateful for the 2nd Niger Bridge and other infrastructures; yet, we all know the SE gave him the lowest votes. They are lucky! Me? Hmm…

Thank you for reading.