Who Did mtchew?

The main topic on the social media circuits has been the Courts, the Circus, the puppeteers and Oshiomole and Obaseki and all matters in between. Sounds much. Not really? The three or four videos of Mr Oshiomole, National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) extolling the divine virtues of Godwin Obaseki, present Governor of Edo State, who he singlehandedly installed, in the first place; another of him, Oshiomole, looking for adjectives to describe how bad,evil and corrupt Pastor Ize-Iyamu was. Then, in a very professional trapeze summersault,now, in 2020, he proved beyond all reasonable doubts,his mastery. I can see where the deftness that destroyed Atiku Abubakar’s sleight of hand, in 2019, came from. Anyway, the cheerleaders changed uniform. For those who didn’t/ don’t know what happened in 2019, the Presidential Election was slated for 16 Feb. There were muffled rumours that the Atiku Abubakar Camp had perfected a plan, known as the Dubai Strategy. If it was true and I have no reason to doubt it, for in March, 2019, we had a sampler of what would have happened at the national level. In several States,among them Benue State, the rival People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku’s Party, swept every Local Government, every ward and every polling booth. In some cases, the over voting exceeded 200%. The incumbent Governor won with a landslide – literally. Then, the greatest heist in political history took place: The genius got the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to postpone the Election. It took the nation by surprise. And it left the Dubai Strategy in tatters. The rest is history. The Nigerian Judiciary for whatever reason,bought sackcloth and a tipper load of ash. In this Edo matter, the courts have given over five injunctions, postponement and all types of orders and motions. Reeling, the combatants are flailing. And on the social media circuit, we lap it all up.
  As I wrote in my blog in April,2019, Is Nigeria Dying 2, there are only two Political Parties in Nigeria. Stretched a bit, one can say one Political Party: Apart from President Buhari and handful of people like Asiwaju  Bola Tinubu,all other parties  and their principal officers were groomed and nurtured in the PDP. That a Party in power has behaved like the opposition,is a telling confirmation of my assertion. In normal circumstances,can you fight your mother? I’m truly surprised that the various ex-PDP chieftains, have stuck with the President till now. Most are moles and are itching to ” go back to base”. Otherwise, why would a “godfather” lose even his polling  unit, no matter what ?  It’s a clear insult. So, the Circus that Oshiomole brought to town, included the dancers, Obaseki and Ize-Iyamu. And can they dance? The only problem is that this macabre dance could spell the loss of another APC state,along with the House of Assembly, the 3 Senators and the 4 -5 HoR. And watching from nearby, is Ondo State. Quite rare for the Deputy Governor to abandon ship. Of course,  the APC “purists” claim “it’s better to lose the State,than tolerate indiscipline.” My friends, the mere act of making such pronouncement is indiscipline. If the opposition is complaining. If other Party members in the State are complaining, then, your “man” must be doing something wrong….

                   Who did mtchew?

Postscripts And Snippets


Those  dance steps in the Villa. I said last week that since the President had taken action, nobody should stoke the fire. I misjudged the fire. Apparently, the blacksmiths have other ideas. Just this morning, I read in Queen Amina’s Blog, (she, gleefully) wrote that the ADC to the First Lady and the “ousted” Security Detail have been restored in full glory, with cymbals and klaxons. They were cleared of all security breaches. Since Mr Sabiu Yusuf, the PA to the President,and “cause” of all the furore, did not die nor hospitalised, I  accept the monologue that the Security Detail only “fired into the air”, to scare him. After receiving the beating of his life( Queen Amina cited).
Now here is a correction of Mr Farooq Kperogi who nearly awarded himself medals for “correctly” telling us a deep secret about the Villa: a “gun fight” implies an exchange of fire. Was Sabiu Yusuf armed with a gun?


This is for all those who fight “battles” using the Press/Media. I give you free advice: It is dangerous to exploit the media – social and traditional. Those thinking that they are  “gaining” or “going to gain”,by sponsoring news about the Villa should be careful. It usually backfires. Already little hints are coming out about the source of some of the stories. And it is not savory at all.  The Idoma people of Benue State have a telling advice: Never come between a man and his wife,even if they’re “quarreling”. They always settle in their room. That jobless “Professor” granting an interview about the rightness of the First Lady’s action. Ahap! Nobody will take you seriously, servile fool!


A big thank you to the NCDC and the PTF-COVID19. You’re doing very well despite the initial hiccups. I’m happy that the two bodies have found  their stride. I want to advice the PTF-COVID19 and the NCDC not to allow themselves to be drawn into political issues. The NCDC has staff in every State and the FCT  and should reemphasize the need to avoid “political guidance”. The PTF-COVID19 on the other hand must enforce the interstate travel ban. I understand the border checkpoints have supplanted the international borders as the new posting of choice for the security agencies. Also, the Minister of Aviation is under the PTF-COVID19,in these times of CoronaVirus. Why have our airspace become  so open for domestic travel? Strange that the Minister is just giving approvals ANYHOW. Read the most nauseating “official” letter from the CEO, Executive Jets to the Hon Minister. In an official letter he did not mention the “judge” who chartered a plane. Yet, he was granted permission? Then, when the judge got”a lift” in another charter, the Airline decided to take “Babatunde Fashola” to Abuja. Such asinine excuse.


Twice I have begged the President that Mr Emefiele does not have the panacea for the Nigerian currency. Recall that recently, after pointing out the stellar qualifications of Mr Emefiele, I begged the President that what we need now is a troubleshooter . A gra gra economist. One who has walked our streets.  One has walked our lives. Not one conditioned to the hallowed, sedate banking atmosphere of the USA and Europe. In these times,there’s no going by the book. In March 2020, the CBN put out a circular virtually collapsing the multiple exchange rate. It was applauded. The IMF was happy, but, Bloomberg was not. Seems as if Mr Emefiele preferred  the counsel of Bloomberg. These are not times for caution. Our chances of maximizing our local skills and resources are slipping away. The Covid 19 provided us with the opportunity to achieve part of Vision20:2020. Even Mr Emefiele if he reads his “goals” on assumption of office, he will collapse in tears. In Nigeria, when you give a person a job to do, you must supervise him. Everyone claims it is his share of the “National Cake”. Mr President, our CBN Governor is lost. He just cannot get a grip on the Economy. Maybe, you should appoint a square peg into a round hole: On the rising demand for foreign exchange, Nairametrics.com wrote,” the CBN maintains that the perceived demand cannot be substantiated as the (global) lockdown induced by the Covid 19 pandemic suggest demand should be low due to travel restrictions and drop in economic activities.” In fact, recently in an address at an investors conference organised by Citibank, Mr Emefiele said that he has not seen any documentation from businesses that need dollars. Mr Governor, what is happening is typical front loading.


        ….And in foolish, tottering America…
Racism continues unabated and openly.
Did you sing the great song, “come and see American wonder” ? This question is for Nigerians only growing up in the late 60s and 70s: If a traveling salesman or magician or one of those powerful men came to our street, the whole street would burst into song. In Jos, when the weightlifter, Killi- we Nwachukwu was sighted, we all burst into song. And among the elders,if someone told a “big lie”, they started shouting,”come and see American wonder. Come and see American wonder”. So, today, I burst into this old song,for right before my eyes and the rest of the World, the FBI had told a big lie: The noose had been hanging on Bubba Wallace’s garage door, even before, he was assigned the garage. Ah! NASCAR garages are busy places and all these years, that large, long noose was hanging there and nobody noticed it.  Only the FBI with a special camera sighted it.Come and see American wonder. Come and see American wonder.

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and stay safe.wear a mask outside. maintain safe distance…and don’t believe Trump and others: CoronaVirus is real!