Kai! God’s Ways are truly Mysterious

and here we are staring at startling figures – of raw stealing, of death of Americans, like the scythe in ripe wheat Prairie fields – and more Nigerians going hungry; And our “experts” in full battle cry, tell us that the causes of insurgency and banditry are “poverty and unemployment”. Such bullshit! And the Naira( that once bouyant Nigerian currency that stood shoulder to shoulder with major World currencies) continues its unexplained dive. So, after two weeks of pondering, this up blog,myopinion-justbeingliman, makes a sally, into the soiled terrain, of lie telling and uninhibited grovelling. Why do wise,sane leaders, believe them?

The startling figures in our tabloids are frightening, not only in the degree of the death of decency but, in the near utter sense of unreality. I get these headaches, when I read newspapers. Here are a few excerpts:

– 808 kidnapped in 7 months and #96.4 million (Naira) paid as ransom. It’s a thriving business.

– regional security outfits with illegal arms, says Inspector General of Police

– “experts link insurgency, banditry to poverty and unemployment.

– Northeast Governors aware of increased recruitment drive by Boko Haram; and Masari( the Governor of Katsina State) says “informers” are even worse than bandits.

President Buhari seeks the support of traditional rulers,in the fight against insurgency and banditry. Sounds like an afterthought!

N-Power Batch C – more than 5 million apply

– over #2.5trillion Naira ploughed into Nigerian road projects since 2010(?)

– and on and on… the unending headlines of the deliberate sense of Government helplessness,in the FACE OF CORRUPTION…

It’s so difficult to know where to start: As we were railing against the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs’ handling of the Batches A and B of the N-POWER project, the Hon Minister, clothed in stubbornness and Unreason, decided to go ahead and ask Nigerians to apply for the Batch C. Her reason: Of over 5 hundred thousand participants in the Batches A and B Programmes, about 100,000( one hundred thousand) had set up their own businesses. She failed to tell us, how many of these businesses are still alive; she failed to tell us how many were assisted by her Ministry, to get loans – from any source; she failed to tell us how many were absorbed by different Organisations, a principal pillar of the N-Power Programme; AND, more importantly, she failed to tell us the TRUE terminal date of each Batch. Are Batches A and B, still being paid? Are Batches A and B still being owed their “stipends”? What IS the endpost of the Programme – self-independence, a middle reserve pool for our industrial take off or just a political stunt?

Then, we move to the touchy issue of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) and other “palliatives”,in these unceasing days of CoronaVirus: I hear there’s now a full fledged Department in the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, called the Conditional Cash Transfer Department.So, Madam, despite the loud, ear deafening cries,by Nigerians, you went ahead with the CCT project and payments? You forget one important fact: Every tenure. Every appointment. Every person has a Divinely determined terminal date. PMB’s tenure will surely end; and you will be called to account. Forget about EFCC, DSS or whatever Agencies, you called “to witness”the transparency of payments and other operations of your Ministry. Forget all those hacks hired to paint you as the Saint of Cleanliness. Ah! At the end of your tenure, these writers and PR Consultants, will be no where to be seen. So many others before you have travelled that road. I wonder Diezani Allison Madueke is thinking about those “glorious” writers. Do you think that Nigerians will not ask you how the”wrappers” that you gave to the Ministry of Women Affairs constitute ” palliatives”. Amazing naivety.

Then, these : I have not being able to wrap my head around the Magu-Malami feud; the Akpabio-Nuneih- NASS- NDDC matter; and the “unending Boko Haram war”.1st, what is the judicial status of the Justice Salami “Committee”, “panel” or “review body”? I ask, because, everyday, I hear the “Presidency” has added new terms. 2ndly, the “Presidency” is “dissolving”, is “constituting” or is “suspending’. I think these are not only wishful acts, but, a stupid way of solving a simple problem! Mr Akpabio is alive; the “contracts” documents are ,I presume,still available; the Interim Board, the Permanent Board and other personalities, involved, are still there. So, why all the shifting sands? Suspend Akpabio. Suspend the Permanent Secretary of the Niger Delta Ministry. Appoint a neutral Judge to sieve the facts from the fiction. This is also what I expected the Government to have done in the Malami-Magu Issue. So, clear cut. Why is Malami not suspended? Even a dunce knows that ONE person Cannot “conspire”. If the Federal Government can suspend the ProChacellor and the Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, I do not see why both Mr Malami and Chief Akpabio are still in office! There shouldn’t be any action or inaction that can send negative vibes!

And the Naira continues to slide…

And then, to our beloved America: I wrote once in this arena, that, once a Nation starts failing, nothing can stop its slide: If what is happening in America,is in any African Country – O! the telling, sympathetic nods and smirks. Ordinary CoronaVirus, America cannot control! Ordinary palliatives, America cannot even distribute well. At least, the PTF-COVID19 and Dr Ihekweazu are giving us, not only daily briefings And holding down CoronaVirus, but, also,even, if limply, blaming the State Governors, for some of the lapses! In America, Mr Trump hasn’t spoken to his Chief Infectious Diseases expert, Dr Fauci, for weeks. Neither, has he spoken to Mrs Pelosi, the Speaker of the House – which controls the money, for months. Shows even ” the best” falter!

And from one doddering fool to another doddering fool. I’m beginning to believe the Americans have become so buried in their numerous fantasy worlds, they have lost reality. I can’t even begin to imagine an America under Mr Biden! Jokingly, ask him what is the first name of Senator Harris, his running mate. I concede that Biden may “dodder”, but, it’s better than “senile dementia”.You know who!

Did I make a little sense out of our crazy World? I think we can change it a little – for the better.

Thank you for reading