Dare To Criticize Buhari…in an age of mass adulation…And Reverse Psychology.

Mallam Garba Shehu holds a very exotic title in the corridors of Aso Villa ( that’s the seat of power in Nigeria). I think he is the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Media. He’s very vocal. If I’m to believe Queen Amina’s Blog, then, Mr Shehu is not under Femi Adesina, the President’s Special Adviser on Media. According to Queen Amina, all Ministers are equal. There’s no senior. Well, implausible, but, possible. After all,the APC in its Constitution, orders that all structures at the National level , are replicated. It states, with Latin authority, ” mutatis mutandis.” So, Mr Shehu is a powerful man. He has told us, unequivocally, that only Buhari can stand eyeball to eyeball with Obasanjo.( the young man needs to read Prof Soyinka’s The Lion and The Jewel, It’s a lesson in cunning). I write this Post to remind Garba Shehu and the Buharists( many thoroughbred fakes) that the essence of criticism is to remind. Criticism is a reminder to the Boss; so, sir, “constructive” criticism is merely flattery. For out of the mouth of madness,do monarchs hear the truth. Thus, in both English and French Courts, the Court Jester was the only one to tell the Monarch the truth.

In an earlier Post, 60 years on: Time to name the Fathers of the Nation, l respectfully, included President Buhari. It is a mark of my recognition of his Legacy. So, don’t fret, Buharists. Don’t shout us down! The vehemence of trying to convince us that certain policies are for our own good. Apart from Jesus the Christ (pbuh), I’ve not heard of any powerful man, who will willingly allow himself to be tortured and nailed to the cross: And Him with overwhelming powers to call armies rank on rank. So, if a landlord increases rent because of the fuel price increase, we should throng the streets jubilating and asking for more punishment?

Magana Jari Ce

Our Festus and the soup on his silk.

You see yourself! Can you see yourself! People must outgrow certain tendencies of the teenage and twenties ages – and childish tendencies and tantrums. Such displays end up, one of two ways: People wonder about what other influences are affecting the man; on the other hand, playing to the gallery is infantile.Sorry,Festus, we are aging. Now, reason must stride before activism. In my last Post, I queried you for the childish display at the National Assembly (NASS); then, your senior Minister, Mr Ngige,a politician, went with you, a penitent subordinate, to apologize, to the NASS. Now, if The Nation of 31 August,2020, is to be believed,you have been “restricted to a supervisory role.” Meaning, the NDE is in charge: That is, politics. Then, the Paper listed the new sharing formula:

Send/Reps= 150 per LG

Governors= 100 per LG

Ministers=50 per LG

Others= 100

Gen Public ( read, LG Chair, Party Leaders,etc= 600).

So, were the outbursts and press tantrums, necessary?

Gidan Kashe ahu

In basic Psychology, I’m told that there’s a term for the “abnormal” – Reverse Psychology. This is what is happening to the Nigerian Economy and it’s Operators. Some people want to tell the WHOLE Country, the opposite of what we know.

First, at a time,we need all medical personnel, on deck, our Resident Doctors have begun a strike, over unpaid hazard allowances, promotion and other benefits, I recall that the Health Minister, Dr Ehanire – and him, a medical doctor and German trained – said the medical staff, were doing their normal duties – as if Covid has always been with us!

Then, just last week, the Hon Minister of Petroleum Resources,Mr Timipre Sylva, audaciously, told us that Our President, will not interfere, in the new petrol pricing regime. Wow!

We’ve been told that if we do not agree, the spectre of fuel queues and fuel scarcity, loom large. We’ve been told that the Federal Government will save trillions – and State Governments – will be able to pay outstanding salaries. Blithely forgetting that each State has a “budget”. So, what’s all this about reverse psychology? Simple answer: In a time of falling crude prices, with countries cutting production, the Nigerian “economic” advisers tell us that, for Nigeria to survive, we must face increased pump price of petrol. Again, blithely forgetting that the DSDP, which they put in place as a”cushion” is still operative. I’ll be damned! Can 250 million people be so dumb? No, we’re not! At a time other countries are giving out stimulus and palliatives, like holding down evictions, we are told that new taxes have to be paid, electricity tariff has increased and DStv can increase its prices. I don’t know about Yaba Left ( the National Psychiatric Hospital,Yaba and its sister services, but, definitely, new registrations, will be noticed. Aren’t divorce, adultery and all manner of pregnancies, plus, of course, “rape” on the increase?

Gidan kashe ahu 2

By the way, there’s a difference between crude oil prices and refined oil. I see that several commentators on Social Media, want us to believe that they are twins. Not quite true. Most of them quoted Globalpetrolprices.com. They praised it so much, but, forgot again, to read the small prints. The Site, categorically stated that the prices of fuel at the pump differ – rich countries higher and poor and exporting countries lower. The exception, they say, is the US. That Nigeria is not mentioned, is not an oversight. No. It is to tell us that the febrile nature of our Economy, defies diagnosis.

Magana Jari Ce 2

Kudos to Prof Osinbajo, the Vice President and the Legal team,from the Justice Ministry, for loosening the self-knotted of P&ID. But, I can’t resist: Who was the Oyibo man, who led our team? I hope we didn’t pay more than what we are fighting?

Magana Jari Ce heard that for some inexplicable reason, the PTF-COVID19 and the States have put their acts together ( except, of course, for a few States, in the Southwest, who delusions of bey under Mr Trump. Read the daily figures and see.

Thanks for reading. I really don’t care if I spoilt your new week. Na you Sabi. Whether you read it to the end or just a glance, it doesn’t matter. The Idomas say, if you see a masquerade and turn your face, it doesn’t matter, you’ve seen it.

Next week, a deep ache in my heart. What does the Idoma movement, Benue Rebirth Movement (BRM) mean by a National Advisory Council(NAC)? It’s a frightening read. The list shows all those who Could and Should have given us Apa State. I’m scared.