Something unearthly is Happening…in Our World

And it’s Not Only in Nigeria

Gotcha! I knew your curiosity will pull you to read this Post.

Madmen and Specialists and the more Dangerous – the Pretend Sane

There is only a very thin line between mad men and Specialists. The former “sees” it all; and the latter “knows” it all. However, there’s a small band, sitting on the thin line: The Pretend Sane. The members of this group, distinquishable by their nods. By their disdainful silence and all seeing mien and all knowing stance… Are destroying our world.

The Pretend Sane are few – in every Country – and yet, despite their scurrilousness,they INFECT our policies and lives. They led us to CoronaVirus. They coined the phrase, “in these times of CoronaVirus..” It was not meant to be sympathetic. It was not meant to prepare us. It is to mock our helplessness. And we are helpless!

Magana Jari Ce

In human arithmetic, 2340 days, divided by 365= a staggering 6 years+ for girls – teenagers, to be in captivity. Where has the admirable fervour that President Buhari put in the early days of his Presidency gone? Go back and read my opening paragraph! Those Pretend Sane Civil Servants, ubiquitous, scurrilous – flitting, yet, with a sigh. With a sympathetic smile, they shift the destiny of Nations. What is $300 million compared to human lives? I believe that since a ransom was paid to free the first batch, PMB should have had the courage to IGNORE those Advisers, and paid for the remaining girls. Leaders are not remembered for the edifices, superhighways or other extraordinary feats of technology. No. The quotes we see are those that touch the human soul; For, in the end, it’s the connection with the human soul that is acknowledged.

Today, like all other days,I woke up, in sweats. Some days, I wake up in tears. I look at my daughter’s photo, on the wall and I look at my granddaughters’ photos and I dissolve in tears! These Pretend Sane people who advise our President,do they have daughters? 2340 days and our daughters from Chibok – all 112 – are still in captivity: From skipped childhood to Motherhood. From skipped childhood to courtesans, somewhere,in the bowels of the Earth.

…And something unearthly is happening in Our World.

Gidan kashe ahu

I have written three or more articles, begging the President to remove the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor,Mr Godwin Emefiele. I have never been enamoured of his sofli sofli economic policies. He is too much of a gentleman. Too refined to manage an emerging economy. He is fit for the staid, calm chambers of European finance houses – not the rough and tumble of Africa. But, I will not be part of any underground plots to effect change. I do not understand the reasoning by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) to fight the amendments in CAMA and BOFIA. As I understand it, the NESG is a private sector led, non-partisan, not-for-profit think tank,whose main mandate is to promote/ champion the reform of the Nigerian Economy,so that it will transform into an open- private sector led economy; that is, Globally competitive, on a sustainable basis. Has the NESG met this Mandate? With all due respect to its membership and Distinquished leadership, the answer is No! I commend the CEOs/MDs of UBA,First Bank and Sterling Bank, for their courage in pulling out of an unnecessary, publicity seeking gambit by the NESG( Any interested person can read the write-up by NESG).

Gidan Kashe Ahu 2

There’s no end to hilarity in Nigeria. It may be hilarious, but, tragic. Hear Dr Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment,on the increase in electricity tariff (charges) “..there are two bands,R1and R2, and within theR2 band,there are “soft bands” to protect the rural poor and people in the suburbs”. What is he talking about? We are battling with estimated billing and almost no power supply in the rural areas. I’ve been in my village,in Okpokwu LG, of Benue State,  for over Four months – and in May and June, we didn’t have light. In July,we had 3 -4 hours of light, for about 5 days. In August, we didn’t have light for up to 3 hours total. So far, in September, we’ve not had light. And the Manager, insists the villages should pay, whether they have light or not; or he will cut them off! I hope the MD, Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC) has my petition, by now!

Gidan Kashe Ahu 3

Now,Ngige again: The Non Academic Staff of Universities (NASU), the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and the Nigerian Association of Academic Technogists(NAAT) are calling in their members. Among their demands are that IPPIS, the new payment system introduced by the FG, should restore their responsibility allowance, hazard, field trip and children’s education allowances.

Gidan kashe ahu 4

In the heat of the preparations for the Ondo State Governorship Election, the   Independent National Electoral  Commission (INEC), in that State, did not see it fit to safeguard sensitive equipment like card readers. They were kept in a container.Ordinary container. Haba! The fire just destroyed them. This is culpable negligence and the Police should invite the  State INEC Commissioner and his staff. The fire is too pat!

      On a final note, thanks for reading. 

You would have noticed that I ignored Two major events in Nigeria – the weekend news that the self acclaimed BH terrorist/ criminal, Terwase Akwaza,aka Gana, was killed by soldiers of Op Ayem Akpatuma III( Ex Cat Race) , in Benue State. The circumstances are shrouded in controversy,but,the  important fact: He’s dead. A menace removed. The 2nd matter: The Ministerial Performance  Review Retreat. The President made the usual small talk. He avoided the big talk. And the BIG Talk is the must- do Cabinet Reshuffle. Here are a few tips, Your Excellency: Education= new Minister,HCN Nwajuiba; Humanitarian= Zainab Ahmed; Finance/ Budget= VP to supervise Directly ( so that the Post Covid  Economic Sustainability Plan can work; Information= Tony Momoh, junior= Queen Amina; Justice= Festus Keyamo; Women Affairs= Sadiya Umar Farouq; Sen Akume= Internal Affairs; Health= Prof Abayomi; Service Chiefs and Inspector General of Police to remain,in place. These suggestions are in good faith. It’s astounding that a person does not know how he’s performing!