“I Belong To Everybody.I Belong to Nobody.”

The above astounding statement was made by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, in his Inaugural speech on 29 May,2015. It was lauded by the BBC and millions of Nigerians, as a refreshing start. ( I do not wish to start any argument about who was the original owner of the quote, whether Charles de Gaulle of France) I only write to say I thought it was political speech – in which the politician aims straight for Utopia.

So, I was surprised to find that President Buhari is keeping faith with his utopian speech. My God! A President elected on the platform of a political party cannot and should not carry out the letters of that statement,into the political sphere. There is no place in the Constitution of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for a “National Leader”. The final authority / arbiter in the Party is the National Convention; and by listing the President as the first in the membership, it follows strictly speaking that the President is the leader of the Party. And as the Party wrote, this applies “mutatis mutandis” to all levels.

So. All my grammar is that President Buhari is the Leader of the APC. He campaigned and won the Presidential Election as a candidate of the APC. He was not an independent candidate. I believe the President abandoned the Party after the 2019 General Elections. He allowed the comatose and dying PDP to regroup. The fatality of that Inaugural statement has reared its head in several places: The APC has lost several States since then; but,more disturbing, the APC is rudderless. The pretenders to the throne( 3 solid years away) have brought out sabres, scimitars, AK-47 and the best of clandestine maneuverings. The sinister results are showing1) : The APC lost woefully in Edo State and definitely, Ondo State will fall. In fact, based on the Ondo Governorship debate,on Channels TV, Mr Akeredolu( the Aketi), the incumbent and APC candidate, stands no chance. Not that Mr Jegede, PDP, is any better, just that I had this sudden start, wondering which of the two was the incumbent Governor.2) Nobody fears Mr Tinubu any more. It’s surprising that a lawyer of his experience was outplayed, in his own court( pardon the pun). He certainly didn’t give the Party Constitution a second look. He could have accepted the chairmanship of the National Caucus. Both Ogbeh and Senator Akume were banished to the back benches. This is not proper. Nobody asked or as at now, asking the President to interfere in the Electoral process. His presence at any campaign rally. A hint here and there, should ensure victory for his Party : A President without a majority, among the Governors or a Governor without majority of Local Government Chairmen, is a sitting duck. Completely vulnerable. President Buhari should look at the map of Nigeria – and see his Party’s shrinking fiefdom and influence.

Magana Jari Ce

The Federal Ministry of Education has given the green light for schools at all levels, to reopen. Hmm. I do not know how Prof Idowu Shobowale, of UNILAG Mass Comm, will grade the result of a poll taken of about 5-10 Unity Schools( out of 140 Unity Schools) as representative of over 2million primary schools, over 2 million secondary schools and over.500 tertiary institutions, nationwide, to show that Covid 19 protocols have been appreciably set up to warrant the order to reopen. I hope we are not courting trouble! Trouble dey sleep, Yanga waka go wake am.

Gidan Kashe Ahu

Just when we were getting sober and dried eye after last week’s stories of the marriage of the Chief of the Air Staff to Sadiya Umar Farouq, the Hon Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, and all the ribald stories about Femi Fani Kayode (FFK), a former Aviation Minister and his many wives, I was rudely reminded that in Gidan Kashe Ahu, there’s no rest or sobriety: Mr Atiku Abubakar,of the PDP, joined his family  irrevocably to the family of Nuhu Ribadu,of the APC, in marriage of their children. Wow! And to think our other youth have been maiming and killing themselves for these”leaders”. I’m truly lost. It’s like Trump’s son marrying Mrs Clinton’s daughter. So, the animosities were for the camera?

Magana Jari Ce 2

In the next few days, the whole country will know the earthshaking palliatives the Federal Government will present to organized Labour,that will convince them to accept the fuel pump price increase and the hike of the electricity tariff. It will be a hard sell.

And talking about hard sell For goodness sake, President Buhari has been in Aso Villa for FIVE years, going to Six and the speechwriters are still fumbling. Who is the bonehead, who put the pump prices of several African countries in the President’s speech. What’s the basis for the comparison? It sounded so empty! Is that the justification for increasing the fuel pump price?

Gidan Kashe Ahu 2

Know where Yaba Left is? Well,hold your breath,O! Friends! It is the sprawling hospital in Yaba Lagos, Nigeria, known as the National Psychiatric Hospital. If Donald Trump ever comes here, we’ll receive him there first! Wow! Two out of  his many “lefts”: 1) the self identified “senior”,who was supposed to be in Intensive care, convinced his doctors at the highly respected Walter Reed MILITARY Hospital, Maryland, to allow him do a drive by, to thank his supporters, who had come out, in sprinkles. So, even these godlike Oyibo doctors can be “convinced”? Then, in the same breath, the man tweeted that Michigan should be saved! This is in reaction to the shocking news that the Governor of Michigan, Mrs Gretchen Whitmer, escaped being kidnapped, thanks to the FBI. What do you want me to say – America vote out this man!

Thanks for reading. By the time you read this article, the people of Ondo State, will be voting to change or retain Mr Akeredolu: I don’t know which is better – hugging the Devil or diving into the abyss known as the “deep sea”.

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