End Of Bluster… Decline Of Trust And Rising Desperation

I took all this time for 2 major Events…the US Presidential Elections and the Noise, Din and settling dust of the #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria.

Magana Jari Ce

Even with all our crazy Conspiracy theories, Dollar enticements to mobilize Nollywood or whatever names emerging of what ignited the #EndSARS Protests, the Federal Government should and must leave the Blame and Buck Passing Game and face Reality. The Reality is that there is hunger and crushing poverty in the Land. In Nigeria. Believe me, no number of image laundering. No number of videos or photos of bursting warehouses, in States, can cover the Reality. What Government advisers, consultants and all those dubious hangers-on must agree is: The huge and ravenous crowds, in all States, who “looted” the Palliatives, were not/ are not “hoodlums”. No finely written Presidential speeches or macho, veiled threats can hide the truth. If nothing else, the positive side of the Protests, is that the Genie jumped out of the Bottle: And there’s no way It can be put back into the Bottle. The Federal Government knows or ought to know that the State Governments were neither distributing the Palliatives nor using the Quarterly FAAC share for anything.it would have been better if Governors like Sanwo-Olu( Lagos State) who said the State Government was “about to rebag the Palliatives( ( Your Excellency, are we eating the bags? Or was someone trying to claim ownership of the CA Covid Effort?) or Osun that said the Palliatives were not fit for human consumption ( thank God, for once, the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry replied instinctively) or even more laughable, the excuse from Benue State -that the Benue State allocation found in the Kano City Central Market, had earlier been distributed to Traders in Makurdi Central Market!
Everyone knows that Garri, our Garri, has a lifespan. Especially, the type I suspect was sold to the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry. That one is known as “emergency” in Benue State. It is a frightening process: Harvest the cassava by 8-9 am. Peel. Wash. Grind. Press. And 2 hours later, the frying starts. By 3 pm, the “Garri” is bagged and taken to the local market.Garri, no matter what type, needs air to retain its freshness and keep out mold. But Garri is happier in the stomachs of hungry people. No?

In several Posts, I had railed against the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry for its undisciplined, chaotic and unnecessary publicity seeking antics. The Hon Minister swaddled in layers of abaya and perfume, will stand in front of hundreds of people. Only a handful in  this anxious crowd, will be called forth and handed cash. In a crazy Program, known as Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT), meant ” to lift the most vulnerable”. The Ministry is quite kind. The Youthful Governor of Oyo State. Seyi Makinde. Yes, him. The one who defied all logic – and in “youthful exuberance, organized and hosted a political,PDP “mega Rally” in Ibadan, the State Capital, in March(2020). At the onset of CoronaVirus. Yes, Him. He gleefully described the proposed recipients of the Palliatives as ” the poorest of the Poor”. God! I squirm and get gooseflesh, when I think of such Nazi like callousness.
Well, the massive turnout to “loot” the various warehouses throughput the Country,exposed the Lie that Nigerians are the happiest people in the World. Could all the food/ palliatives “looters” have all been “hoodlums”?
  The Federal and State policy advisers, Consultants, Vendors, and even those invited to ensure “transparency” should occasionally watch CNN. Even as I write, thousands of Americans Yes. Americans,as in inhabitants of the USA, are lined up, bumper to bumper, in ALL 50 States, waiting patiently, to collect their food ration. We are told it is impossible in Nigeria or that the Country cannot afford to send Twenty Thousand Naira to all Nigerian families. Yet, virtually all Nigerians are either registered Voters or have the National ID card or have the BVN. Yet, after the “looting”, several States, organized a door to door search,with in most cases, landlords, in tow, to recover the looted Palliatives. So, why did Mr Sanwo-Olu want to change the CACOVID bags.

Magana Jari Ce 2
On the really low side, it is a shame for our Pharmaceutical companies to be queuing   in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to buy Forex, so that they can be the first to buy the Pfizer and Moderna Covid Vaccines. No. there are no signs of the”vigorous researches”going on to produce a vaccine.in Nigeria. I can assure the President that no research is going on anywhere. Even the National  Veterinary Research Institute(NVRI), Vom, Plateau State – where numerous vaccines have come out,  is sleeping! Meanwhile, some months back, our Health Minister scrubbed himself pink. And wearing his Christmas best,stood for hours, waiting for the Madagascar Miracle. God saved you, sir, you would have become a statistic, in the Grim Reaper’s account book.
Even lower to imagine: Who is the dolt that wrote a congratulatory letter for the President to send to Pfizer? I’ve not heard any has been sent to Moderna( after all, theirs appears more suitable for Africa – with our low or nonfunctioning cold storage system! The President is the President and Commander in Chief of Nigeria – and until May 29, 2023, he remains so; irrespective of what Chief Obasanjo and others may sarcastically say! The President is not in competition with anyone. He won in 2015 and 2019. The Supreme Court confirmed it. If anybody wants, he can Tweet or stay awake on the Twitter Superhighway. He’s welcome. Delusions. Mr Adesina, Garba Shehu and Mallam Lai and his Information Ministry, should stop playing “me, first”. Allow the losers to write as many condolences and congratulations,as they want. Self consolation.

Magana Jari Ce 3

One cannot just say, “well done” in peace to any Nigerian functionary. I was going to praise the Federal Ministry of Education and it’s two Ministers for the  partnership with the Queen Amina Support Initiative(QASI), to ensure it combs “every corner of Nigeria” to bring out- of school children back to school – in whatever form. Sounds a good idea. I.hope the QASI will work diligently and produce a credible Register. Not the type the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs produced. I live in my village in Benue State; and hope to see its canvassers. Not some document produced in somebody’s laptop. I challenge anybody to show me the “poorest family” in my village! Abegi!

So, in the same breath, the purpose of two Ministers in a Ministry is to complement each other. That’s why the Education Ministry has an Octogenarian, begging to sleep at his desk and a Minster of State, straining at his leash. Bursting with energy. Anyway, this past week, both Ministers fell asleep, at their desks: If not, why would someone gush all over,that the National Common Entrance Examination that over 10,000 applied to sit, only ONE thousand (1000+) showed up – Nationwide?) Didn’t the Ministry think it wise to postpone the Exams?What was the rush for? Or was the anticipated percentage for some people vanishing before their eyes? If the #EndSars Protests could stop 99% from appearing, I hold that it is dishonest and truly unfair, to allow 1% to sit for the Exams. It was not fair. It is not fair. It will never be fair. You, the two Ministers, have deliberately refused over 8000 children ( some from really rural homes, to have a better secondary school education, than what they will eventually have. I  attended the  Fedgocol, Enugu. I know it’s effect on my life. Think about it, when you authorise “replacements” for urban children, from elite homes and schools!

Magana Jari Ce 4

It has been my life long policy to advice PR “consultants” or whatever name, “a pen for hire” is called, to do a good job, to justify the money. If Shaitan wants a new gown, give him the top of the line! This is what Ms Nima Elbagi,CNN Senior International Correspondent and two time Award winning Reporter of Foreign News, should have done, in reporting a story from Nigeria. Now, see all the mud on her face and dress! Ha! She played with Nigerians I’m truly sorry for her.
There was no doubt that she was handed a “prepped” script and a Dollar filled brown envelope. Sad! That even a person of Becky Anderson’s calibre, could fall for this cheap trick shows what “extra money” can do. Here are a few important facts, for CNN,Ms Elbagi and Becky Anderson. Please climb down from your high horse, Don Quixote:
  1. After covering several combat scenes,CNN could not distinguish between the light thrown by a flash and and a rifle fire. CNN even had the temerity to circle the flash;
  2. A simple 2minute read in Google would have shown CNN that the 7.62mm bullet is the only type the AK-47 rifle uses. And, there are over 100 million in circulation, all over the World. In fact, the AK is “dirt cheap”. It is used by EVERYBODY. But, the CNN ,in trying to show how diligent it had done it’s research, slanted the story to show that the Nigerian Military is the exclusive user of this firearm. For her information, the AK-47 is all over Nigerian and African black markets, for as cheap as #700,000(seven hundred Thousand Naira). At Current exchange rate to the USD, that is slightly below $2000(USD). This rifle is available all over , wherever there is a black market, Madam!
   Ms Elbagi sold her soul: She was not told that the “Exclusive” video she proudly presented to the World, on 18 Nov and three days nonstop – and with an eye to winning an award – had been widely shown in Nigeria- and discredited. Doctored and still a bad studio job. The earlier version shown to Nigerians had no subtitles. Now, the celebrity activist, DJ Switch, is saying she shot the footage “live”. I didn’t know phones come with instant editing and subtitling components.
3. The 2nd “corpse” in the CNN footage adjusted himself. I think that’s why CNN stopped showing that sequence.
4. So far, the World was shown “two” corpses. I thought the CNN should have panned to bloodspots. Definitely, nobody could have cleaned the blood of a massacre so perfectly, except if the Army came with water hoses and dryers!
5. We were shown 1 or 2 empty shells, fired at the Lekki Toll Gate. Ms CNN, please note that a soldier’s operational ammunition issue is not less than 3 x magazines of 30 rounds each. And with the sound we heard, the soldiers were firing at “rapid”. One expected to see the Protesters running all over, screaming and the place littered with bodies. DJ Switch changed  her story from  75 bodies, she carried to the.shooting soldiers to 15!
6. No human being except trained personnel can perform even the most basic First Aid, in the face of many soldiers shooting ( or later, according to the footage, Police ) and granting interviews.
CNN must swallow it’s pride and INVESTIGATE. BOTH Nima Elbagi and Becky Anderson MUST BE PLACED on suspension. The CNN must apologize to the Nigerian people: It will be in illustrious company – BBC. Nigerians in Diaspora, Twitter and several International bodies and very visible people like Chief Obasanjo, who chided the Nigerian Government for not acting, despite “credible visual evidence” , have apologized. BBC did “a fact-check” and discovered it was taken for a ride.
Magana Jari Ce 5

  And to the PTF-COVID19, led by Mr Mustapha. You are doing a great job! Please don’t allow any flops again, especially as the US and Europe are experiencing a great 2nd wave : Nobody should be spared the 14 days quarantine. There should be no exceptions. After all, our big men are quarantined there. I haven’t heard that the UK or any  country has allowed BIG Nigerians to enter their land, without quarantine. None!

Gidan Kashe Ahu

Thanks to DJ Switch, WizKid, Davido, Yul Edochie, Genevieve and many other Nigerian celebrities, from Nollywood, Nigeria has qualified for the Guinness world record as the only Country to have committed a massacre of thousands of its citizens; and the bodies vaporised. At least, the Nazis burnt the bodies, in the Holocaust. Yet, there were survivors. In the Nigerian case, only the Nigerian  Nightingale, DJ Switch, saw, counted and recounted the bodies. And not a dot of blood on her dress. For the sake of credibility ( and future endorsements), Monica showed us her blue sperm stained  dress!

  Magana Jari Ce 6  In the opening sentence, I said I delayed because of the US Presidential Elections. It was worth the Wait. This is the end of bluster. The Decline in Trust. The most basic knot binding humanity. If nothing else, the Americans will see that they’ve deluded themselves since 1776. That their own concept of Democracy is a Bully’s way of imposing his will. They, the civilized world defined Democracy as “government of the People. By the People ( through simple individual votes) and for the People. They told us any other definition was wrong. Then when they came to their own Election,  they told us that we wasted our time queuing for hours to vote. 419. That only the votes of about 600 to 650 people, known as Electoral College, mattered. That our individual votes of almost 170 million didn’t matter. My advice: Constitutional Amendment. Follow the time- honoured definition. Anyway, Trump’s desperation will Fail. Bye to Unrefined trash. He couldn’t  even be a manageably clean trash! 
         Thanks for reading

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