Of Obsessions, Wish Lists And Borders of Insanity…

….The Great Failures of 2020…

In my last Post, I promised to point out the monumental failures of 2020. I believe that there is the urgent need for research into the effect of Covid19 on our brains. In this Year of the Covid, I have observed that usually smart people have become dumber and the usually really dumb have become dumbest! Check by yourself: This is the Year of unbelievable, incredible Irresponsibility and Dereliction…

Magana Jari Ce

Here are the Most incredible failures of 2020:

1. The Federal Ministry of Information

The greatest failure in the current discourse is the Federal Ministry of Information and it’s Agencies. There is an unforgiveably, incredible Irresponsibility in its performance – that is unexplainable. The Ministry and it’s Minister, Lai Mohammed, forgot that it is Federal Ministry and not the Public Affairs Department of the All Progressives Congress (APC). Since the Buhari Administration came to power in 2015, the Information Ministry has been on the defensive-as in seriously! But, in fact, more criminal, is that the “defence” has been so desultory, that one wonders if it is a deliberate plan to assist our enemies ruin the Country. It was truly pathetic to see the Hon Minister, lamenting, wailing and wringing his hands, as he wasted almost an hour, indulging in trivialities, to “fight” the CNN, about it’s “exclusive” on the Lekki Toll Gate issue. I advise the Hon Minister that he has professionals in his Ministry to craft out a well prepared “defence”. The CNN “exclusive” was so amateur that the Ministry should have torn CNN to shreds. A ” well prepared defence” would have included inputs from the Police, the Army and all other participants, including the Governor of Lagos.When you fight a behemoth, you don’t go alone. In any case, it is said that when a person is too comfortable or assured of his invincibility, he tends to become complacent, arrogant and all knowing. This is the situation with Lai Mohammed and several Ministers. They THINK they are irreplaceable. Pah!

2. The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has failed over and over, in its regulatory duties. The failures are so many that I will mention only 3 that define the reason for the “recession”: 1) in the midst of the Pandemic, in which almost all business activities have ground to a halt completely globally, the CBN, was giving out the USD as if it will run out of production.In an earlier post. I defined front loading. The CNN was eating into our Foreign Reserves as if a war was imminent. So, here we are, pushed into unnecessary recession.2) it is truly unimaginable that millions of money, in all currencies, were circulating in the Country, before, during and I’m sure, even now post #EndSARS Protests. Money CANNOT hide. It speaks. And the CBN DID NOT want to do anything. Almost like a deliberate sabotage.3) Refineries -refurbushings/ repairs.Textiles and stimulus packages.ALL Stolen. ALL failed. It’s like the CBN was just pouring the money into a “black hole”. The more you pour, the lower the Country sinks. Millions of Dollars poured into the repair/ refurbishing of the Refineries; yet, we were pouring money into “subsidies” for fuel importation. And neither the Finance Ministry nor any official of the Federal Government said anything. Some smart people, I guess, realised that the Bubble will explode, in their faces; so, they connived to squeeze into the Presidential Speech, a final “no more subsidies.” Instead, there was jubilation by the Federal Ministry of Information and the APC, that subsidy has been removed. Indeed, the President’s speechwriter, jubilantly write, the removal of subsidy is “irreversible”. Like the now familiar refrain by the CBN that it will “dissolve”. It will “harmonize” the foreign exchange market. Yet, the parallel markets persist. Yet, the official rate persists. If nothing else, Mr President, please remove Emefiele and try another person. The so called recession is unnecessary. In any case, I’ve never been a fan of retaining “political” appointees, of my predecessor. In one of my earlier posts, I called for the CBN Governor’s removal, because, he is too much of a gentleman. I can almost see the Victorian Age waist watch sticking out discreetly. He is too staid. . Nigeria is like Ithe sick man.I don’t think the sick man can afford to be squeamish about the medication nor the healer! What our Economy NEEDs is a Jolt.

The World Health Organisation (WHO).

The World Health Organisation ( WHO) is a Failure. The Director General has led his Organisation to be the foot rug of the US. He literally pees in his pants, when Mr Trump, looks his way. I bet. Who are the US CDC or the US FDA,to approve a vaccine for the World? The WHO that is supposed to give guidelines, Waits for the Americans. It’s a shame. The WHO was afraid to call the onrushing disaster a Pandemic; so, like the brainless dinosaurs, the Pandemic swarmed us. Mr Trump is not a medical doctor ( he may be a Liar,but, not a medical doctor!), so why has the WHO waited so servilely? DG, sir, you failed the World. In ages to come, your inactivity will be placed by your name! You have inadvertently SPLIT Our World along ideological lines – there are Russian, Chinese, UK and quasi-US( Pfizer/Biontech) vaccines. And the Losers: Africa. Africa, with the lowest infection/ mortality rates,will become the Testing Continent( as usual). While Americans were dying in dozens( now, sadly, in daily thousands), Mr Trump was “donating” ventilators to Nigeria and other “badly affected” Countries. We know he was looking at possible billion dollar orders. God failed him. Ahap!

Magana Jari Ce 2

I initially wanted to headline this paragraph here as gidan Kashe Ahu, but, the matter is weightier than a joke! I was dazed when President Buhari spoke in Hausa to the 344(?),(444?)or 10( initial assertion by the Great Garba Shehu- Senior Special Assistant (SSS) to the President – “rescued” Kankara GSSS boys, in Katsina State. Two questions kept nagging at me: 1) what is the medium of instruction in this school? 2) Before the International Media, how did the President allow himself to agree to speak in Hausa? If this incident had happened.in Eket or Otukpo or Fiditi, would Mr President, have spoken in the local language?( Of course, I apologize in advance, if I’m told the President is fluent in each of the 250 languages and dialects that make up Nigeria. I’m sorry, sir!) Done. These frequent missteps by the President’s handlers are alarming. For a long time, the President wore no mask. If nobody advised him, he should know that he is in the vulnerable age group. CoronaVirus is the Grim Reaper.

Then, a Second misstep from the all knowing, combative handlers of the President. In every human activity,indeed,in Life,Timing is most most important. Political strategists call it “proactive approach”. That Nobody thought it fit for the President to have combined the Luncheon he had with the troops with the reception for the rescued boys, baffled me. It would have been the photoshoot of the Year! One can only imagine how the foreign Media, caught pants down, would have enthused. The New York Times(NYT), couldn’t stop itself, when it called the rescue and the reception, ” a rare success story”.

Magana Jari Ce 3

4. The Federal Ministry of Aviation

Again and Again, the Federal Ministry of Aviation falls flat on its face. First, it was surprised that Nigerians wanted the airspace closed – like other countries did – at the onset of the Covid 19. It took weeks to mount checks at the Airports. Then, many Big men – scores of Members of the National Assembly, but, mostly House of Representatives members, refused to be tested( even ordinary temperature gauge. Then, the Ministry reluctantly

closed the airspace, but, allowed private, chartered flights. We heard of the altercation between the Hon Minister of Aviation and the Governor of Rivers. Unnecessary flexing of power. It cost lives and careers, I bet. Now, while many countries are closing their borders to flights from the UK, we left ours open. Was the Minister not aware that the British Embassy, closed its gates , even before the US, during the #EndSars Protests? I thought diplomacy entails equality and reciprocity. Now, it’s rather late. The UK variant of Covid 19 is here with us. Isn’t that what the Second Wave is all about? Truly, the Federal Ministry of Aviation hasn’t helped the Country and the Government of President Buhari.

4. The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development.
If truly a Ministry does NOT know it’s responsibilities, that Ministry is the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs. The Ministry is so large that it is choking on its workload. Maybe, the Federal Government must take a second look at the unwieldy Ministry. Unfortunately, instead of someone who knows what the President wants, we are saddled with Mrs Sadiya Umar Farouk. She believes the job is performed if one gets a table, the media lights, especially, the drowsy Nigerian Television Authority(NTA), and a couple of “journalists” waiting for the Press Release. The Ministry has so jumbled up Programmes that I wonder. It would have been better to have converted the numerous cash based programmes into one or two. Today, the Ministry has the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) – for the most vulnerable. This translates to rural women. Now, the Ministry has just introduced Rural Women Cash Grant( RWCG?). The N- Power failed because the participants were supposed to move to industries, etc. to become more useful to Society. The Ministry has coined a name for them – “exiting N-Power participants”. I hope in the New Year, Mr President will look at his Cabinet and flush out.

Magana Jari Ce 5

I heard Lai Mohammed has been threatening the whole Country, with dire consequences, if they continue to criticize President Buhari. Leadership entails being aware of the welfare of the governed. As at now, the whole of the North East and virtually the whole of the North West is under siege. I find it strange that Mr Mohammed is saying we should not point out this serious and fatal dereliction of duty, by a Government, we voted in. I wouldn’t have bothered, but, the President had based his campaign on clearing insurgency and corruption. Almost 6 years down the road, we are still hearing jumbled, discordant and truly a very unsettled narrative. There was a time, 4 years back, that the Nigerian Army, staged a full parade to hand over the flag of Boko Haram to the President. Well, current happenings belie that bogus parade. In 1943, the German High Command, in frustration, brought out the ultimate solution to the irritant called Partizans. They surrounded the known enclaves( covering over 400km sq) and using all means, smoked them out.The needless death of soldiers and civilians should stop. Surround the 3 forests and set them on fire. With the Airforce hovering above, Boko Haram, will be history. Let me clear this point: Any body living in Sambisa or the other two Forests, is an enemy. Simple. You can’t be my friend and also my Enemy’s friend!

Magana Jari Ce 5

There is nothing wrong with opening our land borders. But, there is plenty wrong with opening the borders, without conditions. Does the Honourable Minister of Finance and her high-powered Committee believe the Economy is the main consideration? Nigeria is surrounded by Francophone countries – and France is currently facing the strains of Covid 19. The Hon Minister does not think that these people can come in?

Magana Jari Ce 6

I want to leave you with TWO must read, before the New Year. Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah’s A Nation in Search of Vindication. It is the Bishop’s Christmas Message to the Country. Here’s a teaser:” … cauldron of pain and a valley of dry bones.” His Eminence, the Sultan of Sokoto, the Supreme Leader of Muslims in Nigeria, has talked himself hoarse, in trying to get Government to do something. Other Northern leaders – the ACF ( Arewa Consultative Forum), the NEF ( Northern Elders Forum),the Northern Governors Forum( NGF). All these leaders cannot be wrong ; AND Lai Mohammed and the President’s Advisers are right. The President must note that nobody will mention Lai Mohammed or Femi Adesina. They qualify as footnotes. This is NOT the first time, Bishop Kukah is talking to us. So, why are hackles up all over in Government? Anyway, it’s a short read. Longest 8 minutes. It will be worth your time.

The 2nd Must Read is a nugget by Professor Emmanuel Babafunso Sonaiya, An Ode To Small Things: A Valedictory Lecture. Here’s a teaser: “I have been thrilled to read about the wide application of new methods and procedures to the unraveling of the mystery of growth. Why do we grow? Can we remain without growing? What is true growth?” Please be curious… What does Professor Sonaiya think about ASUU? Shocking! The 12 minutes you will spend will be worth it. It is so rich that every profession is covered: Aspiring poultry farmer, teacher, vacillating ASUU member, parents and even university administrators.

Thanks for reading

Have a safe New Year. Covid is real.

…Hating Buhari And The Failure of The Nigerian Media…

Magana Jari Ce

The Nigerian Government must as a matter of urgency consider any #EndSARS “protester” whose bank account showed unusual influx of money three months to the period 03 October – 25 October, 2020, to be a “Coup plotter”. Subsequent events show that the funding was for nefarious activities and was derived from HOSTILE internal and external entities if as the Inspector General of Police (IGP) was quoted as saying. The good thing is that Science and Cryptography have reduced searching for money trails to child’s play. I hold that half of the investigation is done: Any cash lodgement has a trail. Previously, trails disappear. Not any more. Any bank that refuses to disclose such lodgement should be sanctioned and all officials involved should be included among the coup plotters.

I expect the #NigeriaPolice, working with the International Police(Interpol), to have come out with a tentative list of all internal and external “donors” to the #EndSARS Protests. Whether we like it or not, the very UNSAVOURY Truth is that the #EndSARS Protests was a coup plot that failed.

What is a coup? Google defines a coup as a “sudden, violent and illegal seizure of power from a government.” Wikipedia defines a coup as ” the removal of an existing government from power, usually through violent means. Typically, it is an illegal, unconstitutional seizure of power by a political faction, the military or a dictator.” Other dictionaries have even more scary definitions. Simply put, by whatever name called, this was a “failed coup”. The direction it was going, showed a well planned, agenda, which was in stages. We saw the planners had the Nigerian Media in tow, had set up a functioning radio station, Soro Soké, had caterers and well positioned camera crew. The video of a black jeep picking up “thugs” was so pat that it becomes suspicious. No security outfit, even the most amateur, could have done that! Strange also that Twitter’s first instinctive reaction was correct.But, it was pressured to retract!

Why did ALL the so-called leaders of the Protest go into Silent Mode? We’ve not heard that DJ Switch, Davido, Yul Edochie, Genevieve Nnaji,Uche Jombo,WizKid,Falz, Phyno and Flavor, the most Visible Leaders, have appeared before any of the Judicial panels, all over the Country. These Panels were/are “Judicial” and thus have powers to subpoena ANY Human being, it believes has information to help them. So, where is Chief Obasanjo, who has “credible,visual evidence”? So, where is Atiku Abubakar, who sent dozens of condolences, to ” bereaved families”. So, where is Femi Falana, SAN, and his son, Falz, a lawyer, picked by the protesters, to be President? We saw the placards!

We must stop deceiving ourselves: So long as there are people, in Nigeria, who believe and hold that they are Untouchable – who can say or do what they want – go scot-free. Then, the Nigerian Problem, of rascality, will persist!

Below is my list of Nigerians to be invited by a Panel. Judicial. This is NOT an indictment or accusation. It is meant to put to rest all rumours AND to pick their brains:

1. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
2. Gen Ibrahim Babangida
3. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar
4. Nnamdi Kanu ( special immunity to attend).

5. Senator Abaribe
6.Senator Ali Ndume
7. Senator Modu Ali Sheriff

8. Gov Babagana Zulum

9. Peter Obi
10. David Oyedepo
11.Femi Falana

12. Bode George

13. Bukola Saraki

14. Peter Ayo Fayose
15. Alhaji Aliyu Babangida

There’s nothing wrong with expressing opinion. It is a Constitutional Right. But, there’s Something wrong with expressing a deliberately misleading, well timed and inciting opinion. These are influencers, whose opinions are accepted as official. Well, let the Federal Government set up a Judicial Panel, headed by a retired Supreme Court Justice to ascertain certain “truths”. This is a matter of National Security. Neither the Earth nor the Heavens will fall, if they are subpoenaed.

Gidan Kashe Ahu

I I hear Mr Peter Obi, erstwhile Governor of Anambra State, erstwhile Vice Presidential running mate to Atiku Abubakar,and coincidentally, in my list of honourable invitees, is squealing. That he has run to court to stop the Anambra State Judicial Panel, from subpoenaing him to appear. What is he afraid of? I thought this will be an arena to HATE Buhari and be expressive!

You would have noticed that I did not include Madams Oby Ezekwesili and Ayesha Yesufu. This is a serious matter. Not a forum for clowns and hearsay.( I hope Gen Babangida won’t appear and say he was quoting Gen Abacha’s daughter, Gusum!)

Magana Jari Ce 2

Again, those pushing for the “sack”, abi, ” replacement” of of the Service Chiefs, must be those who have candidates tucked in their suitcases. They are those who proudly claim in beer parlours, ” that’s my boy! I put him there”!They deliberately ignore the FACT that a Commander is only as good as his officers and soldiers. Forget all textbooks. What really are the “local” orders? If a General tells his men, ” we tried our best” and so many unprintable speeches that border on acts that are clearly against order and military discipline, then, it will be sheer luck for that operation to succeed. I want to suggest to the Service Chiefs, especially, the Chief of Army Staff ( COAS), that a completely new approach must be taken. I have in previous posts given an example of what the German High Command did to the Partisans in France and Poland, especially.(WW2). A war is not gaming. It is life and death. Maybe, it’s about time to set up a Military Court( a Court Martial) in the NorthEast, to try ALL acts of sabotage. An identified “informant” is in the same category as s spy. And should be treated as such. Summary sentences of firing squad will send a grim message to all, that this is serious business. With the terrible massacre of 45 farmers recently, the Army must adopt an absolute “No quarters given. No quarters expected” Thus, the Army must know that ANY body “living” in Sambisa Forest, up till now, is Enemy. Burn Sambisa Forest Down!

Again, Mr President, don’t change the Service Chiefs. Such a step will give your enemies ammo to say that it is an acceptance of weakness and failure!

Magana Jari Ce 3

First, Governor Babagana Zulum of Bornu State travelled to Niger to ask that the the Nigerien Army return to the Multinational Joint Task Force(MNJTF). Who is he ? How dare he jump into a purely security matter? And now those clowns, who call themselves Governors of the NorthEast have plunged into calling for ” mercenaries”. I couldn’t believe such suicidal naivety. This shows that the Governors must be among those spreading disparaging remarks about the Military. The Military NEEDS the support of the local communities! But, with the attitude of these Governors, I’m afraid!

Gidan Kashe Ahu 3

So, the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) has SPENT #28.5 billion( Twenty Eight + Five Billion Naira. Note the Billion ! fighting Covid19. Please.Please. Please don’t let me speak in tongues! This Minister will not kill me!

Magana Jari Ce 4

There’s no limit to the CNN’s unfettered IRRESPONSIBILITY. I note with sadness that both Nima Elbagi and Becky Anderson are still at their desks. This is quintessential Donald Trump. Condemn an action in others and endorse it for yourself! What is this MAD quest for Awards? Now, Arwa Damon has joined the fray. She just reported that 110 farmers were killed in Nigeria-. The United Nations has just apologized for accepting the figure the Amnesty International Nigeria gave out! The Boko Haram said they killed 78. The Nigerian National Assembly said 65 and the Nigerian Media said 43. This is sad. Journalism has been thrown into the gutters. All because desperation is driving some people to HATE President Buhari!

Did you enjoy the read?

Next week, the CBN, a Failure. The Federal Ministry of Information,  a Failure. Don’t you Dare mention the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry. I will just shout!

Thank you.


End Of Bluster… Decline Of Trust And Rising Desperation

I took all this time for 2 major Events…the US Presidential Elections and the Noise, Din and settling dust of the #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria.

Magana Jari Ce

Even with all our crazy Conspiracy theories, Dollar enticements to mobilize Nollywood or whatever names emerging of what ignited the #EndSARS Protests, the Federal Government should and must leave the Blame and Buck Passing Game and face Reality. The Reality is that there is hunger and crushing poverty in the Land. In Nigeria. Believe me, no number of image laundering. No number of videos or photos of bursting warehouses, in States, can cover the Reality. What Government advisers, consultants and all those dubious hangers-on must agree is: The huge and ravenous crowds, in all States, who “looted” the Palliatives, were not/ are not “hoodlums”. No finely written Presidential speeches or macho, veiled threats can hide the truth. If nothing else, the positive side of the Protests, is that the Genie jumped out of the Bottle: And there’s no way It can be put back into the Bottle. The Federal Government knows or ought to know that the State Governments were neither distributing the Palliatives nor using the Quarterly FAAC share for anything.it would have been better if Governors like Sanwo-Olu( Lagos State) who said the State Government was “about to rebag the Palliatives( ( Your Excellency, are we eating the bags? Or was someone trying to claim ownership of the CA Covid Effort?) or Osun that said the Palliatives were not fit for human consumption ( thank God, for once, the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry replied instinctively) or even more laughable, the excuse from Benue State -that the Benue State allocation found in the Kano City Central Market, had earlier been distributed to Traders in Makurdi Central Market!
Everyone knows that Garri, our Garri, has a lifespan. Especially, the type I suspect was sold to the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry. That one is known as “emergency” in Benue State. It is a frightening process: Harvest the cassava by 8-9 am. Peel. Wash. Grind. Press. And 2 hours later, the frying starts. By 3 pm, the “Garri” is bagged and taken to the local market.Garri, no matter what type, needs air to retain its freshness and keep out mold. But Garri is happier in the stomachs of hungry people. No?

In several Posts, I had railed against the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry for its undisciplined, chaotic and unnecessary publicity seeking antics. The Hon Minister swaddled in layers of abaya and perfume, will stand in front of hundreds of people. Only a handful in  this anxious crowd, will be called forth and handed cash. In a crazy Program, known as Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT), meant ” to lift the most vulnerable”. The Ministry is quite kind. The Youthful Governor of Oyo State. Seyi Makinde. Yes, him. The one who defied all logic – and in “youthful exuberance, organized and hosted a political,PDP “mega Rally” in Ibadan, the State Capital, in March(2020). At the onset of CoronaVirus. Yes, Him. He gleefully described the proposed recipients of the Palliatives as ” the poorest of the Poor”. God! I squirm and get gooseflesh, when I think of such Nazi like callousness.
Well, the massive turnout to “loot” the various warehouses throughput the Country,exposed the Lie that Nigerians are the happiest people in the World. Could all the food/ palliatives “looters” have all been “hoodlums”?
  The Federal and State policy advisers, Consultants, Vendors, and even those invited to ensure “transparency” should occasionally watch CNN. Even as I write, thousands of Americans Yes. Americans,as in inhabitants of the USA, are lined up, bumper to bumper, in ALL 50 States, waiting patiently, to collect their food ration. We are told it is impossible in Nigeria or that the Country cannot afford to send Twenty Thousand Naira to all Nigerian families. Yet, virtually all Nigerians are either registered Voters or have the National ID card or have the BVN. Yet, after the “looting”, several States, organized a door to door search,with in most cases, landlords, in tow, to recover the looted Palliatives. So, why did Mr Sanwo-Olu want to change the CACOVID bags.

Magana Jari Ce 2
On the really low side, it is a shame for our Pharmaceutical companies to be queuing   in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to buy Forex, so that they can be the first to buy the Pfizer and Moderna Covid Vaccines. No. there are no signs of the”vigorous researches”going on to produce a vaccine.in Nigeria. I can assure the President that no research is going on anywhere. Even the National  Veterinary Research Institute(NVRI), Vom, Plateau State – where numerous vaccines have come out,  is sleeping! Meanwhile, some months back, our Health Minister scrubbed himself pink. And wearing his Christmas best,stood for hours, waiting for the Madagascar Miracle. God saved you, sir, you would have become a statistic, in the Grim Reaper’s account book.
Even lower to imagine: Who is the dolt that wrote a congratulatory letter for the President to send to Pfizer? I’ve not heard any has been sent to Moderna( after all, theirs appears more suitable for Africa – with our low or nonfunctioning cold storage system! The President is the President and Commander in Chief of Nigeria – and until May 29, 2023, he remains so; irrespective of what Chief Obasanjo and others may sarcastically say! The President is not in competition with anyone. He won in 2015 and 2019. The Supreme Court confirmed it. If anybody wants, he can Tweet or stay awake on the Twitter Superhighway. He’s welcome. Delusions. Mr Adesina, Garba Shehu and Mallam Lai and his Information Ministry, should stop playing “me, first”. Allow the losers to write as many condolences and congratulations,as they want. Self consolation.

Magana Jari Ce 3

One cannot just say, “well done” in peace to any Nigerian functionary. I was going to praise the Federal Ministry of Education and it’s two Ministers for the  partnership with the Queen Amina Support Initiative(QASI), to ensure it combs “every corner of Nigeria” to bring out- of school children back to school – in whatever form. Sounds a good idea. I.hope the QASI will work diligently and produce a credible Register. Not the type the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs produced. I live in my village in Benue State; and hope to see its canvassers. Not some document produced in somebody’s laptop. I challenge anybody to show me the “poorest family” in my village! Abegi!

So, in the same breath, the purpose of two Ministers in a Ministry is to complement each other. That’s why the Education Ministry has an Octogenarian, begging to sleep at his desk and a Minster of State, straining at his leash. Bursting with energy. Anyway, this past week, both Ministers fell asleep, at their desks: If not, why would someone gush all over,that the National Common Entrance Examination that over 10,000 applied to sit, only ONE thousand (1000+) showed up – Nationwide?) Didn’t the Ministry think it wise to postpone the Exams?What was the rush for? Or was the anticipated percentage for some people vanishing before their eyes? If the #EndSars Protests could stop 99% from appearing, I hold that it is dishonest and truly unfair, to allow 1% to sit for the Exams. It was not fair. It is not fair. It will never be fair. You, the two Ministers, have deliberately refused over 8000 children ( some from really rural homes, to have a better secondary school education, than what they will eventually have. I  attended the  Fedgocol, Enugu. I know it’s effect on my life. Think about it, when you authorise “replacements” for urban children, from elite homes and schools!

Magana Jari Ce 4

It has been my life long policy to advice PR “consultants” or whatever name, “a pen for hire” is called, to do a good job, to justify the money. If Shaitan wants a new gown, give him the top of the line! This is what Ms Nima Elbagi,CNN Senior International Correspondent and two time Award winning Reporter of Foreign News, should have done, in reporting a story from Nigeria. Now, see all the mud on her face and dress! Ha! She played with Nigerians I’m truly sorry for her.
There was no doubt that she was handed a “prepped” script and a Dollar filled brown envelope. Sad! That even a person of Becky Anderson’s calibre, could fall for this cheap trick shows what “extra money” can do. Here are a few important facts, for CNN,Ms Elbagi and Becky Anderson. Please climb down from your high horse, Don Quixote:
  1. After covering several combat scenes,CNN could not distinguish between the light thrown by a flash and and a rifle fire. CNN even had the temerity to circle the flash;
  2. A simple 2minute read in Google would have shown CNN that the 7.62mm bullet is the only type the AK-47 rifle uses. And, there are over 100 million in circulation, all over the World. In fact, the AK is “dirt cheap”. It is used by EVERYBODY. But, the CNN ,in trying to show how diligent it had done it’s research, slanted the story to show that the Nigerian Military is the exclusive user of this firearm. For her information, the AK-47 is all over Nigerian and African black markets, for as cheap as #700,000(seven hundred Thousand Naira). At Current exchange rate to the USD, that is slightly below $2000(USD). This rifle is available all over , wherever there is a black market, Madam!
   Ms Elbagi sold her soul: She was not told that the “Exclusive” video she proudly presented to the World, on 18 Nov and three days nonstop – and with an eye to winning an award – had been widely shown in Nigeria- and discredited. Doctored and still a bad studio job. The earlier version shown to Nigerians had no subtitles. Now, the celebrity activist, DJ Switch, is saying she shot the footage “live”. I didn’t know phones come with instant editing and subtitling components.
3. The 2nd “corpse” in the CNN footage adjusted himself. I think that’s why CNN stopped showing that sequence.
4. So far, the World was shown “two” corpses. I thought the CNN should have panned to bloodspots. Definitely, nobody could have cleaned the blood of a massacre so perfectly, except if the Army came with water hoses and dryers!
5. We were shown 1 or 2 empty shells, fired at the Lekki Toll Gate. Ms CNN, please note that a soldier’s operational ammunition issue is not less than 3 x magazines of 30 rounds each. And with the sound we heard, the soldiers were firing at “rapid”. One expected to see the Protesters running all over, screaming and the place littered with bodies. DJ Switch changed  her story from  75 bodies, she carried to the.shooting soldiers to 15!
6. No human being except trained personnel can perform even the most basic First Aid, in the face of many soldiers shooting ( or later, according to the footage, Police ) and granting interviews.
CNN must swallow it’s pride and INVESTIGATE. BOTH Nima Elbagi and Becky Anderson MUST BE PLACED on suspension. The CNN must apologize to the Nigerian people: It will be in illustrious company – BBC. Nigerians in Diaspora, Twitter and several International bodies and very visible people like Chief Obasanjo, who chided the Nigerian Government for not acting, despite “credible visual evidence” , have apologized. BBC did “a fact-check” and discovered it was taken for a ride.
Magana Jari Ce 5

  And to the PTF-COVID19, led by Mr Mustapha. You are doing a great job! Please don’t allow any flops again, especially as the US and Europe are experiencing a great 2nd wave : Nobody should be spared the 14 days quarantine. There should be no exceptions. After all, our big men are quarantined there. I haven’t heard that the UK or any  country has allowed BIG Nigerians to enter their land, without quarantine. None!

Gidan Kashe Ahu

Thanks to DJ Switch, WizKid, Davido, Yul Edochie, Genevieve and many other Nigerian celebrities, from Nollywood, Nigeria has qualified for the Guinness world record as the only Country to have committed a massacre of thousands of its citizens; and the bodies vaporised. At least, the Nazis burnt the bodies, in the Holocaust. Yet, there were survivors. In the Nigerian case, only the Nigerian  Nightingale, DJ Switch, saw, counted and recounted the bodies. And not a dot of blood on her dress. For the sake of credibility ( and future endorsements), Monica showed us her blue sperm stained  dress!

  Magana Jari Ce 6  In the opening sentence, I said I delayed because of the US Presidential Elections. It was worth the Wait. This is the end of bluster. The Decline in Trust. The most basic knot binding humanity. If nothing else, the Americans will see that they’ve deluded themselves since 1776. That their own concept of Democracy is a Bully’s way of imposing his will. They, the civilized world defined Democracy as “government of the People. By the People ( through simple individual votes) and for the People. They told us any other definition was wrong. Then when they came to their own Election,  they told us that we wasted our time queuing for hours to vote. 419. That only the votes of about 600 to 650 people, known as Electoral College, mattered. That our individual votes of almost 170 million didn’t matter. My advice: Constitutional Amendment. Follow the time- honoured definition. Anyway, Trump’s desperation will Fail. Bye to Unrefined trash. He couldn’t  even be a manageably clean trash! 
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Of Chief Mourners, National Council of “Elder” statesmen and Youth Awakening…

learning from Mark Antony and lessons Thereafter…

In 44 BC, a group of powerful men formed a disgruntled opposition to General Julius Caesar and had him killed – stabbed to death. As the body lay on the ground, the stab wounds gaping, the “honourable” conspirators composed their faces and in sombre mood started denigrating the once well loved Conqueror of the known world. They made a mistake. In exultant mood, they expansively agreed to allow Mark Antony, also a well known General, to say a few words, in honour of the dead. The only condition: “Don’t criticize us.” Deal. Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar (ActIII, scII). It started innocently enough:”Friends,Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears…” Thus, was born the word Rhetoric.

Wikipedia defines rhetoric: ” is a technique that an author or speaker uses to convey to the listener or reader a meaning with the goal of persuading them towards considering a topic from a perspective, using language designed to encourage or provoke an emotional display of a given perspective or action.” Then adds,” but that is not their primary purpose. Rather,by doing so, they seek to make a position or argument more compelling than it would otherwise be.”

Magana Jari Ce

Of course, everyone knows Atiku Abubakar deludes himself,hour by hour, by ruling Nigeria, from the cyberspace of Tweeter World(credited with over 6k). Tweet after tweet, he writes out his pains. This preoccupation on its own wouldn’t be harmful. But, they are. In the build up to the tragic turn the #EndSARS has taken/is, Atiku had with uncanny prescience, tweeted on 09/10/20,”I woke up to the peaceful#EndSARS Protests going on in Lagos and other cities in the country.” The tweet was timed at 17:21 hrs. Two strange issues,a) “woke up “at 5pm – siesta or what? b) what generated the next tweet at about the same time, ” I strongly condemn any disproportionate use of force on protesters across the nation.” Wow! Funny enough, the protests were just starting in Lagos.

**Read his tweets and see the uncanny sequence of events…uncanny? Frightening!

In my Post of 27 March,2020, Crime, Criminality And War… It’s Time to clamp Down on Fake News, I wrote: “This weekend is like no other weekend,since 1966 ; and stretching the tension years that dovetailed into the Nigerian Civil War.Then as now,the air was soaked with Fear and Tension”.  The events of #EndSars Protests , in the past two weeks , have raised the spectre of disunity and war. But, surprisingly, the Protests were innocuous enough, until those who definitely engineered the Protests added tinder to the fire.

Again, as I wrote in the quoted Post,”what worries me is that the Nigerian Media, especially those controlled by people ” who were wronged by President Buhari – through his victory,through his appointments,through his war against corruption – have been on the warpath. Again, their vituperations do not worry me. It’s the thin ice of sedition, treachery and treason that they are walking, egged on by ” International elders.”

I write today about the hijacked #EndSars/End SWAT Protests. In fact, were/(are) the Protests hijacked at all or are we seeing a “protest” that has spiralled out of control or doing better than even dreamt of by the hijackers? As James Bond,007, said in the movie, Goldfinger,“Once is happenstance,Twice is coincidence, Three Times is enemy action”. There is no doubt that a well meaning protest was taken over and re-engineered. The facts speak glaringly: At the beginning of the #Endsars protest on 8th October 2020, so many actors and actresses, from the political Nollywood( those who proclaimed loudly in 2018, that they were “100% for @atiku and@PeterObi”) – suddenly took over – Falz, Davido, Don Jazzy and several celebrities, spreading to Enugu, where Yul Edochie, the politician/ movie actor, along with Phyno and Flavor, held sway. But( and it’s a big but), suddenly, these superstar leaders disappeared – leaving the movement LEADERLESS, just as the protest descended into chaos. It was orchestrated with admirable military precision. The withdrawal was too well timed: After that, CHAOS…And the torrent of FAKE NEWS. At one point, the comedienne, DJ Switch, was said to claimed to have counted 75 corpses. Now, we hear she had scaled down to a modest 15. And while she and “we” were busy counting, they couldn’t film. Tragicomic!

Magana Jari Ce 2

Life becomes worrisome when we cannot put a handle to it. This is where rhetoric and sarcasm help us. Go back to the definition in para 1 and check these three explosive tinders added to the fire: 1) On 20 October, in the height of the lootings, burnings and killings of policemen and attacks on other security agents, Mr Atiku tweeted, not mentioning the chaos, lawlessness and the targeted jailbreaks: “The #EndSars ( with a Nigerian flag) protesters are not unreasonable and acted responsibly…the use of maximum force will aggravate rather than placate.” Please note that the jailbreak in Benin city,Edo State, happened on the 19th.

2) And this from Chief Obasanjo(who presided with glee over the total destructions of Odi(Bayelsa) and Zaki-Biam(Benue) ( between 1999- 2001):

 “The shooting and murder of unarmed protesters, no matter the level of provocation, has never been effective in suppressing public anger and frustration. Instead, such actions only reinforce the anger and frustration of the populace and close the window of dialogue and peaceful resolution.

“It is clear that Mr President and his lieutenants did not exhaust the opportunities for dialogue with the protesters before resorting to the use of force.”

As can be seen, Chief Obasanjo chose to forget that at this point, the protesters had no “identifiable” leader!

From whatever angle viewed, Chief Obasanjo’s message was a classic rhetoric AND more. He exonerated and in fact, by the most cursory mention of the violence and mayhem, he condoned the action. He heaped all the blame on the Buhari Government. Like all precipitous actions, Chief Obasanjo’s claim that there is “overwhelming visual evidence” has not stopped shocking people. For a former military leader, former two term President and an Elder, he betrayed his bias and inner/( outer?) intentions.

 “It is worse that there is a denial of wrongdoing in spite of overwhelming visual evidence. Great harm has been done but it can be stopped before it completely spirals out of control.

Obasanjo should not bring himself to more ridicule. Sarcasm does not sit well on him. It belittles him. When he smirked and said, “Muhammadu Buhari, President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria”, tongue in cheek, he forgot that he was stating the incontrovertible fact. Buhari is President of Nigeria. To go on to talk about leadership and need for “robust leadership” was/ is merely academic. He didn’t lower PMB. He further lowered himself! It was a prank worthy of a subaltern in the Mess, not a general. Now that the international community is realising that they erred in their hasty comments, he, Obasanjo, is even further muddied!

Talking about muddying, I’m disappointed that Mrs Hillary Clinton, could have fallen into such an obvious trap. Maybe, her unstatesman haste has shown one of her weaknesses. With no corpses, with “eyewitness” accounts or Time’s “credible sources”, jumbled and contradictory, she should have been more circumspect. Mrs Clinton owes President Buhari, the Nigerian people and the World an apology. She should concentrate on winning the Presidency for her Party. Voting has started; unless, she is still harbouring a grudge against Biden.

For the FIRST time in Nigerian history, no family has come out to say they lost a family member in the “Lekki Massacre”. If the crocodile tears and “condolences” of both Obasanjo and Atiku are to be believed,there’s still a stream of blood running at the Lekki Toll Gate, after all, a massacre implies deaths beyond single digits!

Where are DJ Switch, Genevieve Nnaji( she really disappointed me) and that little fool, WizKid, who pretends to be eternally young ? The moment one crosses the age of 30, my friend, time begins to rush off. Grow up. With their certainty and money, I thought they would have sent Presidents Obasanjo, Trump and the British Government, videos and photos of the DEAD victims!

I heard that the actress, Omotola Jalade, has for days now, being insulted and harassed, for daring to ask that relatives come forward with names of loved ones killed in Lekki. We, who believe in the truth, stand with her!


And to add more to the blame game( it’s said that when it rains, it pours) General Babangida chipped in with a “quote” supposedly by General Abacha, that “when an insurgency exceeds 24 hours the Government has a hand in it”. In fact, nobody has been able to give the occasion General Abacha made this statement. Strange that Gen Abacha’s daughter, Gumsu, was said to have made the statement in 2014, in a tweet. And now stranger that General Babangida should pluck it out of nowhere and add to the confusion.

Oh, Mark Antony would have been furious for being bested. As he said in an aside after his speech and the reaction of the crowd,” Now let it work. Mischief, on and afoot.Take Thou what course thou wilt”.

But, in despite of all these speeches and writings, the fake can NEVER be the original. All the fake news, all the supposed “overwhelming visual evidence”, the Nigerian Youth have rallied themselves from the initial stumble :

*They refused and in fact drove Omoyele Sowore/ Sahara reporters away;

* the Youths have refused to rise to the bait, despite the apparent Mark Antony tactics.

* the response of majority of replies/ comments are that these “elders” did worse. Mention is made of Odi, of Zaki-Biam, of Obasanjo’s flagrant disregard of democratic principles, by handcuffing Governor Alameiseigha of Bayelsa and in true SWAT style, helicopting him to Abuja or wherever; and then, superintending his impeachment.

Magana Jari Ce 5

Whether Governor Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State , likes it or not, he has to take more DRASTIC decisions. It is his State, being governed by him, that is disintegrating. It is NOW time to call in the Armed Forces FULLY. The lootings cannot and should not be allowed to continue. The more the hoodlums are allowed to operate freely, the more they will be emboldened.

However, the good, coming out of all these destructions, is that no human community can survive without a police force. As Chief Obasanjo mischievously said, we have visual evidence of thuggery, lootings and the lawlessness of savages.

But, more importantly, there’s hunger in the land. And dirt poverty. The large crowds at each warehouse or shop, looting , cannot all be hoodlums. I hope the President will ask the State Governors why they’ve been hoarding these Palliatives. He must call an urgent meeting of the National Council of States.

Last week I drew the attention of the Minister of Labour to the hijacking ( this crazy word again!) of the 774000 jobs nationwide. The essence was that the jobs should reach as many people as possible

In a situation, where Governors have shares of over 200 per LG. For what? Even though the Programme has not taken off, there are grumbles all over.

So,with the palliatives. Look at the absolute disgrace and shame of the State Governors. Warehouses full of palliatives. Governor Fayemi of Ekiti shamelessly said they were not fit for human consumption. My God! Even those donated by CACOVID? Not possible!

Gidan Kashe Ahu

When the State-based Presidential Panels begin work, I also expect that the genuine Youth in every city, will with the help of the Police begin a house to house search , to fish out the looters AND arsonists. If you see a face- me – I face you that the owner is struggling with a 50″ HD TV, ah! Boda!

Magana Jari ce 6

Finally, I must pay special tribute to the officers and men of the Armed Forces, the Nigeria Police,other security agencies, for being Nigerian. They resolved the issues with the rampaging youths, with jokes, and the Nigerian wisecracks. I must compliment the youths of several communities, who took it to protect properties. Of note, are the youths of Mile 12, Lagos, who prevented the torching of buses of the Lagos State Transport Corporation. I compliment the President for the self restraint. So should it be. He must move into the 21st Century. And his Speech writers must hone their craft to make this shift. All Youth, from the beginning of time are restless. We were once “youth” and were once restless. I beg the President to heed the immortal advice of the American philosopher, Henry David Thoreau:
             “How could youths better learn to live than  by once trying the experiment of living?  Methinks this would educate their minds as much as mathematics.”

Many Many thanks to the Management of Spar Nigeria, who wrote to the protesters, after their Company was vandalised, looted and burnt:

“Rebuilding a supermarket is hard. Rebuilding a nation is even harder. We stand with you Nigeria.”

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Nostalgia,#ENDSARS and The Birth of Maturity …

Magana Jari Ce

If you were in Abuja on Saturday, 16 October,2020, and along the Airport road, by 3 pm, then my friend, you definitely, slept on the road. Thanks to the #EndSARS protests. 10+ hours with no movement. Ok.the protesters entertained us, by force; and a little farther up the road, to a soccer game. Nobody really slept. It could have turned violent. Thank God!

I understand the Presidential Panel on the demands of the #EndSARS protests accepted the 5point demand. It would have been good and well and Mature, but, for the Nigerian glitch: The Cart is still standing before the Horse. Two things, the haste in accepting the demands and the Inspector General’s “quick” response. These smack of the “fire brigade approach – accept and wave aside the matter! Not this time. The correct position is that the horse is in front and the cart harnessed behind it!

The Inspector General of Police announced the setting up of the SWAT – as a replacement for the SARS. Haba,Oga! SWAT means Special War and Tactics team. The haste didn’t allow for proper thought and planning. Even Mr Trump, in faraway US, would have been proud of the sleight of hand – replace the black pot with the black kettle! If we are following the American model of SWAT, then, it’s duties are: riot and crowd control,violent confrontation with criminals, war on drugs, threats of terrorism and hostage taking. Are these what the new Nigerian SWAT team will do. If “yes”, then, we will only see them, once in a blue moon. Not mounting road blocks. In fact, at some point, every Nigerian became a suspect. It was scary. IGP, sir, I would have thought the correct and acceptable sequence is – dissolve SARS. Set up a Board of Inquiry, headed by an educated DIG or AIG and made up of 6 other members, including 1 or 2 leaders of the #EndSARS movement, NBA, identifiable Youth Group and any other vulnerable group( taking into consideration the expected spiral effect). The Board should have a deadline of ONE week.Arrests of identified SARS culprits. Mobilization of the Police Mobile Squad,as interim stopgap. Now, we are going to do everything in reverse order!

Gidan Kashe Ahu

Still on the cart and horse. I hope the President’s speechwriters and spinners are aware that Geneva canton, Switzerland, voted to have a new minimum wage of 23 Swiss francs ( $4000 or £3,500) per hour. This in despite of many virtually free amenities.Do I need to list them? A personal car is really a luxury, there are trams, buses and taxis. Private schools are a luxury. They have no ASUU. So, Advisers and speechwriters, mention this to the President. A comparison is also acceptable when there are equal factors. If they have a higher pump price, it’s because their officials do not have apartments in Dubai. God! Why would somebody leave his luxurious detached mansion, with all heavenly amenities and be proud to live in an apartment in Dubai? I just can’t wrap my head around it!

Magana Jari Ce 2

Nostalgia.Nostalgia…any Nigerian above the age of 50 years, must agree that we went to school- from primary to tertiary level – free! In the 70s through the 80s, we paid token school fees and were paid allowances and fed free.So, I ask since then and now, what changed? Nigeria is now 100x times richer, no matter what index of exchange used. My son, PaulDan, in Unical, regaled me of how students traded soup for eba. Laughable? No criminal. We abdicated our responsibility for tomorrow. In the 70s, all Federal universities had kitchens. We, “the poor” ate and licked our knuckles dry. We didn’t care if someone went to a restaurant to eat. So, what changed? I will tell you: Every State wanted a university. Every individual wanted to own a university. ASUU exploited the situation by taking up jobs in 3 or 4 universities…and leaving their core university unattended to. The VCs did not have the spine to caution them. The Federal Education Ministry could not hold them, because most of them were paid off. Today, any Government that attempts to check them, has a fight on its hands. ASUU has being on strike for almost eight months.

And talking about ASUU. They met with the Federal Government team. Resolutions, meaning agreements, were reached. So, why would they defer signing? Strange? No. Someone somewhere is manipulating them. We all know private schools are in session.Need I say more?

Magana Jari Ce 3

Thanks to the #EndSARS Protests, do I detect some discomfort among our legislators – NASS and States’? Maybe, we will be forced to take a look at Mr Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s suggestion, once upon a time, when he said a slice of Legislators monthly total package will provide jobs for graduates, for 6 months. Well, it might sound like Jadom ( go and read Christopher Okigbo,jor!), but, like the Court Jesters in old England, they speak the truth. Only they could tell the King the truth! Did you see the teeming youths on the streets, in every Nigerian city? Even though, I’m a conspiracy theorist – that someone is sponsoring the “protests”, the numbers dilute the theory. Ok, someone definitely stirred and encouraged it, …we all saw the tweets of ” I woke up this morning,…”, But, I hope he and his people haven’t lost control…and here’s the Birth of Maturity…I appreciate the Nigerian youth, thus far. They’ve kept it peaceful. They’ve stuck to their demands. And I know nobody will deceive them to destroy their Country. Oh! It’s the Birth of a new Nigeria. And I’m blessed to witness it – for my children and my grandchildren.

And I commend the Nigerian government – and all its agencies – for the restraint so far. We are parents…and we must indulge the protesters. Whether we like it or not, we FAILED them. As I once wrote, a legacy is not in the mighty buildings or roads or bridges that a person builds, but, in the way we affect their souls. Neither Jesus the Christ (pbuh) nor Mohammed (pbuh), the Last True Prophet of God, built any physical structures,But, for centuries, they are mentioned daily. So, President Buhari must make earthshaking changes: He must take our public school system back to the old days… tuition free. Boarding free. Vacation jobs. Jobs assured as our kids leave the NYSC. He is already paying salaries and pensions regularly, but, he must compel ALL States to do same. We voted for Change, not pain.

Gidan Kashe Ahu 2

Ah! Nostalgia! Did you see Don Jazzy trying to hold down time? Or Yul Edochie or Charley Boy. There’s no time to make our faces to meet the new people ( apologies to WB Yeats!) Maybe, we should have stayed at home..and watched our grandchildren…and cooing and anxious and relieved, when they come home each day!

But, seriously,how did the Protesters raise Twenty five million Naira (#25million Naira) in just 4 days? Interesting! Such money passing through our banks and neither the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) nor the Police nor the Interpol, has raised an eyebrow!

Magana Jari Ce 4

Cautionary Tale: oh ! Sons and Daughters! Theory is different from practice! Even the foolish Americans knew when to sheath their swords and see the effects of their protests. Don’t spoil a good soup with ajinomoto. Maggi is enough for now!

And for those stoking the fire of the #EndSARS, the “revolution” throughout history, will EAT it’s managers, when it runs out of tinders. 1789 – the French Revolution.

Gidan Kashe Ahu 4

When I say Americans are naive, many readers attacked me. Ah! See how malleable they are in Mr Trump’s hands! ( Please Google Mr Michael Moore’s fascinating article on Trump and Covid).

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Finally and seriously, no matter how much you love the #EndSARS protests, wear a mask or stay at home: Covid is lurking!

“I Belong To Everybody.I Belong to Nobody.”

The above astounding statement was made by President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, in his Inaugural speech on 29 May,2015. It was lauded by the BBC and millions of Nigerians, as a refreshing start. ( I do not wish to start any argument about who was the original owner of the quote, whether Charles de Gaulle of France) I only write to say I thought it was political speech – in which the politician aims straight for Utopia.

So, I was surprised to find that President Buhari is keeping faith with his utopian speech. My God! A President elected on the platform of a political party cannot and should not carry out the letters of that statement,into the political sphere. There is no place in the Constitution of the All Progressives Congress (APC) for a “National Leader”. The final authority / arbiter in the Party is the National Convention; and by listing the President as the first in the membership, it follows strictly speaking that the President is the leader of the Party. And as the Party wrote, this applies “mutatis mutandis” to all levels.

So. All my grammar is that President Buhari is the Leader of the APC. He campaigned and won the Presidential Election as a candidate of the APC. He was not an independent candidate. I believe the President abandoned the Party after the 2019 General Elections. He allowed the comatose and dying PDP to regroup. The fatality of that Inaugural statement has reared its head in several places: The APC has lost several States since then; but,more disturbing, the APC is rudderless. The pretenders to the throne( 3 solid years away) have brought out sabres, scimitars, AK-47 and the best of clandestine maneuverings. The sinister results are showing1) : The APC lost woefully in Edo State and definitely, Ondo State will fall. In fact, based on the Ondo Governorship debate,on Channels TV, Mr Akeredolu( the Aketi), the incumbent and APC candidate, stands no chance. Not that Mr Jegede, PDP, is any better, just that I had this sudden start, wondering which of the two was the incumbent Governor.2) Nobody fears Mr Tinubu any more. It’s surprising that a lawyer of his experience was outplayed, in his own court( pardon the pun). He certainly didn’t give the Party Constitution a second look. He could have accepted the chairmanship of the National Caucus. Both Ogbeh and Senator Akume were banished to the back benches. This is not proper. Nobody asked or as at now, asking the President to interfere in the Electoral process. His presence at any campaign rally. A hint here and there, should ensure victory for his Party : A President without a majority, among the Governors or a Governor without majority of Local Government Chairmen, is a sitting duck. Completely vulnerable. President Buhari should look at the map of Nigeria – and see his Party’s shrinking fiefdom and influence.

Magana Jari Ce

The Federal Ministry of Education has given the green light for schools at all levels, to reopen. Hmm. I do not know how Prof Idowu Shobowale, of UNILAG Mass Comm, will grade the result of a poll taken of about 5-10 Unity Schools( out of 140 Unity Schools) as representative of over 2million primary schools, over 2 million secondary schools and over.500 tertiary institutions, nationwide, to show that Covid 19 protocols have been appreciably set up to warrant the order to reopen. I hope we are not courting trouble! Trouble dey sleep, Yanga waka go wake am.

Gidan Kashe Ahu

Just when we were getting sober and dried eye after last week’s stories of the marriage of the Chief of the Air Staff to Sadiya Umar Farouq, the Hon Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, and all the ribald stories about Femi Fani Kayode (FFK), a former Aviation Minister and his many wives, I was rudely reminded that in Gidan Kashe Ahu, there’s no rest or sobriety: Mr Atiku Abubakar,of the PDP, joined his family  irrevocably to the family of Nuhu Ribadu,of the APC, in marriage of their children. Wow! And to think our other youth have been maiming and killing themselves for these”leaders”. I’m truly lost. It’s like Trump’s son marrying Mrs Clinton’s daughter. So, the animosities were for the camera?

Magana Jari Ce 2

In the next few days, the whole country will know the earthshaking palliatives the Federal Government will present to organized Labour,that will convince them to accept the fuel pump price increase and the hike of the electricity tariff. It will be a hard sell.

And talking about hard sell For goodness sake, President Buhari has been in Aso Villa for FIVE years, going to Six and the speechwriters are still fumbling. Who is the bonehead, who put the pump prices of several African countries in the President’s speech. What’s the basis for the comparison? It sounded so empty! Is that the justification for increasing the fuel pump price?

Gidan Kashe Ahu 2

Know where Yaba Left is? Well,hold your breath,O! Friends! It is the sprawling hospital in Yaba Lagos, Nigeria, known as the National Psychiatric Hospital. If Donald Trump ever comes here, we’ll receive him there first! Wow! Two out of  his many “lefts”: 1) the self identified “senior”,who was supposed to be in Intensive care, convinced his doctors at the highly respected Walter Reed MILITARY Hospital, Maryland, to allow him do a drive by, to thank his supporters, who had come out, in sprinkles. So, even these godlike Oyibo doctors can be “convinced”? Then, in the same breath, the man tweeted that Michigan should be saved! This is in reaction to the shocking news that the Governor of Michigan, Mrs Gretchen Whitmer, escaped being kidnapped, thanks to the FBI. What do you want me to say – America vote out this man!

Thanks for reading. By the time you read this article, the people of Ondo State, will be voting to change or retain Mr Akeredolu: I don’t know which is better – hugging the Devil or diving into the abyss known as the “deep sea”.

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60…SIXTY…so Much to Cheer…

Today is October 1. Today is Nigeria’s 60th Birthday. And there’s so much to cheer. Despite All manners of prediction. Sixty years is a dot in the history of any nation – when the USA was 60 years it was a desert and jungle, of criminals and lawlessness.

So. Sixty years on, let’s count our blessings And cut our losses:

1960. Nigeria got her Independence from Britain, without much of a fight. We didn’t do the Mau Mau. We didn’t “fight a pitched War of Independence”. We stared the British down. They conceded.

1966. A single patriot. A single soldieraa 1¹1in a moment of undiluted patriotism stood before armed soldiers and led them to stage the first of several coup d’etat. He came to “.purge the 5 percenters”. Such naivety. Like an American. Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu was a dreamer. He did NOT realise that his fellow coupists did not share his dream of a Nigeria For All! Such naivety. The stuff Indian film heroes are made of – a wand.

That coup at dawn of 15 January,1966, still reverberates: So, when the President, Muhammadu Buhari, called on Nigerians, to think unity. I asked myself, if this was another dreamer? Ah! Yes! He is! Wasn’t he the young Major General that a group of misogynists, disrupters and those who really killed the Nigerian Army, recruit to be Head of State, in December of 1983, after overthrowing the weak, corrupt, inefficient But, democratically elected Government of Alhaji Shehu Shagari? He came striding into State House, Marina Lagos, with a halo over his head and eyes burning with dreams. Aghast,the coup masterminds saw their dreams of unbridled wealth and power… Unlimited licentiousness, being smashed to pieces. This was not acceptable. They ” tolerated” him for a year..and in 1985, they found that steeped in his dreams of a new Nigeria, he had left all his flanks open and undefended. His Chief of Staff, Brigadier General Tunde Idiagbon, a devout Moslem had gone for the Hajj. They overthrew him. But, he left a Legacy – one which placed him eternally as one of THREE Nigerians to qualify as Father of the Nation – he introduced the War Against Indiscipline ( WAI) which gave birth to the Queue Culture. For the first time, Nigerians were forced to be disciplined.

Sixty years…60. Dreamers and romanticists call it Diamond. Well, we’ve taken Nigeria from huts, to quote the sick Donald Trump, to a Great Country. We’ve built skyscrapers. We have over 100 universities and other tertiary institutions,but, I ask, with the words of the American Country musician, Randy Travis, ” are we still living in the caves?

The protégés of those 5 percenters and those who got it good are still around but, now they are better prepared. More sophisticated and with wealth, more daring. They crushed Magu. They laid Mrs Waziri bare. And they have been sniping at Justice Ayo Salami’s heels. Oh! They will bring him down.

Seems to me, if I may advise President Buhari, that the War Against Corruption, is losing grounds, on all fronts. It’s like the French Revolution,1789. The Leaders were consumed. The country was left in tatters. And a little known but romantic Captain, Napoleon Bonaparte, seized the moment. Now, I ask, how can we win, when every finger is in the Pie? Damn difficult, to say the least.

Magana Jari Ce

Heard the Chief of the Air Staff, Air Marshal Sadeeq Abubakar, got married to the Hon Minister for Humanitarian Affairs, Sadiya Umar Farouq. Congratulations to Nigeria. Why? Hmm. At least, she will learn how to achieve. On a good day, she goes around, distributing cash, to the poorest of the poor, generated from her Social Register. Madam, for the umpteenth time, the Conditional Cash Transfer ( CCT) and the Home Grown School Feeding Programme (HGSFP) are poorly thought out and even so badly implemented that, I fear, your reputation will for ever be in tatters! And then add to that the good intentioned, but, disastrous and badly executed N-Power Programme. Like Festus Keyamo’s 774,l000 jobs for “unskilled itinerant workers”. Somebody must be sitting in one dingy corner in the Federal Secretariat and bringing out these ideas. Keyamo will weep unending when he sees what is happening in most States. Wow!

Gidan Kashe Ahu

The tragicomedy on the “irreversible” fuel price increase and the electricity tariff hike. continues. The new development is even more uproarious: Organized Labour has suspended the nationwide strike for two weeks. How? To give itself and the Federal Government time to look at the “palliatives”. You won’t kill me o! this Wabba man!

And as I’m rolling all over the place, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) almost gave me a heart attack. Those darling morons put out a paid Press Release, with all the trimmings, announcing ” suspension” of the hiked tariff, for 14 days, wef 30 September, 2020 – 14 October,2020. They forgot the time – O0hrs to 00hrs. Now crack up: The NERC forgot that electricity bills are issued on monthly basis. Oh ! Darling Morons !

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Well !Well!Well! …rather early for the chickens to come home to Roost…But, they Are…

…we just lost Edo State…

It is rumoured that the dinosaurs perished, to extinction, because they could not hear, see, nor sense, the great walls of ice cascading towards them. They were just entombed for thousands of years…so, will the All Progressives Congress ( APC, the National level ruling political Party in Nigeria) stand rooted to the spot and watch it’s death. The APC is anchored on TWO people. Just 2,as in 1,2 : Muhammadu Buhari and Bola Tinubu. There is no clearcut successor. There never was a clearcut successor. The story of the APC is a miniature of the story of the Nigerian Nation. But, a badly copied script. At least, in the Nigerian Story, there were identifiable leaders from each region. Today, those minions( whom I called “pretend sane”, in my last post, trudging and elbowing people from the corridors of Aso Villa ( that’s the seat of the Nigerian government) have “cleverly” shoved Bola Tinubu and Adams Oshiomole into oblivion and completely erased Audu Ogbeh and Senator George Akume, the two most prominent leaders of the Middle Belt ( the North Central Zone) from the political map. But, how deluded and blind! The simpletons forgot the popular saying, ” cut off your nose to spite the face.” In Mar of 2019 and repeated two months ago, my post, The Enemies Within, I wrote that those destroying the APC were within. Many top Government appointees are backstabbing each other. Ordinarily, with the narratives,at our disposal, should APC have lost Edo State?

Today,the chickens are rushing home to roost;rather early in the day. APC held States are falling into the once comatose(circa 2015- 2017) People’s Democratic Party ( PDP ) enclave. The PDP is not the proverbial phoenix. No. It is the child of subterfuge and hibernation. The Greeks of yore, in desperation, thought up the ultimate subterfuge:The Trojan Horse. Now, military strategists of tomorrow will look at the simplest of tricks, the PDP in its bid to survive, sent some of its choicest members into the fold of the APC. Such a simple trick. Blinding in its simplicity: Openly infiltrate the highest echelons of the APC – with your money.Destroy its fragile and non- organization. And bring us back to power. The States are falling back into the fold of the PDP – Benue, Edo, Oyo..and without needing a soothsayer, Ondo; and there’s nothing the APC can do about it. The APC? Laughable! There’s no APC. I once wrote that there were TWO Political Parties in Nigeria. How naive and overly optimistic. There is only one Party. The People’s Democratic Party (The PDP). Increasingly, the President is being encircled. Oh! PMB will survive to 2023. Then, he will bow out. Then, the PDP will slide back to power; and all those “APC Chieftains and stalwarts” – former PDP Governors,former PDP National and State Legislators,even LG underlings, will troop back,in mock decamping ceremonies. Don’t think Saraki failed. Don’t think OBJ failed. Don’t think the PDP is weak. The military call it “strategic regrouping”. By penning disorganising “letters”; by tweeting endlessly,they weaken the support of the APC; especially, in the face of such bumbling indecisions and “strongman tactics”,where reason should hold sway. Although, the missteps are too numerous to list, here are a few unbelievable ones: The household palliatives should have been given through bank accounts/ and either the Voter’s Card or National Identity Card. The insistence on a Social Register ( put together by the UN and “consultants” and “monitors”) – who sit in Abuja, Lagos and Makurdi – and cook up data of the “poorest of the poor”. Will any family accept such a tag? At least, not in the Middle Belt.Not in the Southwest; not in the Southeast; definitely, not in the Northeast – among the proud Kanuris or in the Northwest – the truly aristocratic tribes, will agree to such tag. So, among which group are there people accepting to be called ” poorest of the poor”? In fact, Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State should be ashamed that there are people in his very “enlightened” State that he can proudly call “poorest”. 2nd, the Military and Boko Haram and the word “decimate”. What political gain could the Presidency have seen to allow the military organize a “full dress ceremonial parade with a ” captured Boko Haram flag” and convinced the President to attend? I’m sure with hindsight, the President, a Major General. A fighting General- who pursued marauders to the very gates of Ndjamena, Chad, must have asked himself. Why? Here we are, 5 years to the day of that “decimating ceremony and surrender flag” still ” neutralising “scores” and “dozens” of Boko Haram and even more painful, the “Advisers” told the President to pay the ransom for the Chibok Girls and Leah Sharibu and her colleagues. So, if you’ve stepped out, why withdraw? We’ve paid for the first group, why can’t we be bold to pay the balance? and 3rd example, even a JSS student, just starting Economics class, will know that Demand and Supply are Siamese twins. So, why is there such strong and overwhelming demand for US Dollars? Where have all those FG palliatives Stimulus, loans and Aids gone to? All our industries, large, medium and small are not showing any signs of independence and growth. I thought by now, we would be getting updates on our own CoronaVirus vaccine. Why are our labs and pharmaceutical companies, waiting for Trump? Of course, we know that the PTF-COVID19, is being outrightly sabotaged by many State Governors. Those who think they are “governors of US States(applies to the Southwest States) ; and those Governors, who see themselves as “defenders” of their “region” or those Governors, who believe that they should be included among the “rightly guided ones”. Delusion. Only FOUR human beings qualified. That was over One Thousand,Four Hundred(1400) years ago. In comparative terms with the Developed Countries, I score our PTF-COVID19 very high. As stated in previous posts, the PTF, except for a few hitches, like allowing a few air travels – within and outside, it held the reins very tight.

There is this unending demand for dollars. Who is buying and why? How are goods coming in, despite all the closures? I saw the billions of Naira the Customs Department is declaring in this Covid 19 era. From what source? 4th, the use of the word,”irreversible” by the President’s speechwriters is unforgivable. Whether he reverses the decision to increase the pump price of fuel and electricity tariffs simultaneously, the damage done, by the word, “irreversible” is incalculable. In the light of subsequent realisation by the FG that the Cart should/ is always behind the horse, is the same “strong stance” not badly weakened by the President’s instructions to the Labour Minister, to discuss with the Organized Labour? This attitude, unfortunately, is replicated in most States. I believe the Organized Labour is a partner. Governments should try and reason; and pick the brains of the Labour, before making announcement – and later, retracting!

I said the missteps were many. Do I need to mention Festus Keyamo and his much touted, but, totally disorganized 774,000 jobs Scheme? They were meant for “unskilled, itinerant workers”. But, alas! there are more Graduates than the original plan. Of course, stretched to its elastic limit, the phrase, “unskilled, itinerant workers” fits the thousands of unemployed graduates. Abeg! Abeg! Don’t dare mention the Humanitarian Affairs Ministry, I will just start howling and bawling.

Magana Jari Ce

The good news and cheering is that our Bashir Ahmad is getting married. He is the amiable, fresh faced, not yet tainted Special Assistant to the President. Don’t mind them, Bashir and Neemah, fill up the Nursery. Let the nannies cry yearly. insha’Allah.

Gidan Kashe Ahu 2

Although the Benue Governor is a friend and God-fearing, I must ask him for two clarifications: 1. Was Gana, at any time, part of his grouping of “well-meaning Nigerians”,whom he is asking the Federal Government, to allow to own the mighty AK-47? 2. Why the rush to open schools? I thought the State Government is OWING teachers many months of salaries? And I live in the village, I haven’t seen any semblance of preparation for resumption. Ok, maybe a publicity stunt ? Or Makurdi Central.Think Comedy Central Channel!

Gidan Kashe Ahu 3

I’ve waited for TWO weeks for the organizers of the Benue Rebirth Movement ( BRM) to give us the criteria used in selecting a National Advisory Council (NAC). A Struggle as Important as the fight for the shifting of the Governorship stool to Zone C, the Idomas, should not be seen as a pageant, nor, to achieve popularity. While many other groups agreed to merge, there’s no hard and fast rule that other groups in existence, should not continue with the struggle :The goal is the Idoma Governor of Benue State in 2023.Next week, I will analyze the Struggle.

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Something unearthly is Happening…in Our World

And it’s Not Only in Nigeria

Gotcha! I knew your curiosity will pull you to read this Post.

Madmen and Specialists and the more Dangerous – the Pretend Sane

There is only a very thin line between mad men and Specialists. The former “sees” it all; and the latter “knows” it all. However, there’s a small band, sitting on the thin line: The Pretend Sane. The members of this group, distinquishable by their nods. By their disdainful silence and all seeing mien and all knowing stance… Are destroying our world.

The Pretend Sane are few – in every Country – and yet, despite their scurrilousness,they INFECT our policies and lives. They led us to CoronaVirus. They coined the phrase, “in these times of CoronaVirus..” It was not meant to be sympathetic. It was not meant to prepare us. It is to mock our helplessness. And we are helpless!

Magana Jari Ce

In human arithmetic, 2340 days, divided by 365= a staggering 6 years+ for girls – teenagers, to be in captivity. Where has the admirable fervour that President Buhari put in the early days of his Presidency gone? Go back and read my opening paragraph! Those Pretend Sane Civil Servants, ubiquitous, scurrilous – flitting, yet, with a sigh. With a sympathetic smile, they shift the destiny of Nations. What is $300 million compared to human lives? I believe that since a ransom was paid to free the first batch, PMB should have had the courage to IGNORE those Advisers, and paid for the remaining girls. Leaders are not remembered for the edifices, superhighways or other extraordinary feats of technology. No. The quotes we see are those that touch the human soul; For, in the end, it’s the connection with the human soul that is acknowledged.

Today, like all other days,I woke up, in sweats. Some days, I wake up in tears. I look at my daughter’s photo, on the wall and I look at my granddaughters’ photos and I dissolve in tears! These Pretend Sane people who advise our President,do they have daughters? 2340 days and our daughters from Chibok – all 112 – are still in captivity: From skipped childhood to Motherhood. From skipped childhood to courtesans, somewhere,in the bowels of the Earth.

…And something unearthly is happening in Our World.

Gidan kashe ahu

I have written three or more articles, begging the President to remove the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor,Mr Godwin Emefiele. I have never been enamoured of his sofli sofli economic policies. He is too much of a gentleman. Too refined to manage an emerging economy. He is fit for the staid, calm chambers of European finance houses – not the rough and tumble of Africa. But, I will not be part of any underground plots to effect change. I do not understand the reasoning by the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG) to fight the amendments in CAMA and BOFIA. As I understand it, the NESG is a private sector led, non-partisan, not-for-profit think tank,whose main mandate is to promote/ champion the reform of the Nigerian Economy,so that it will transform into an open- private sector led economy; that is, Globally competitive, on a sustainable basis. Has the NESG met this Mandate? With all due respect to its membership and Distinquished leadership, the answer is No! I commend the CEOs/MDs of UBA,First Bank and Sterling Bank, for their courage in pulling out of an unnecessary, publicity seeking gambit by the NESG( Any interested person can read the write-up by NESG).

Gidan Kashe Ahu 2

There’s no end to hilarity in Nigeria. It may be hilarious, but, tragic. Hear Dr Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment,on the increase in electricity tariff (charges) “..there are two bands,R1and R2, and within theR2 band,there are “soft bands” to protect the rural poor and people in the suburbs”. What is he talking about? We are battling with estimated billing and almost no power supply in the rural areas. I’ve been in my village,in Okpokwu LG, of Benue State,  for over Four months – and in May and June, we didn’t have light. In July,we had 3 -4 hours of light, for about 5 days. In August, we didn’t have light for up to 3 hours total. So far, in September, we’ve not had light. And the Manager, insists the villages should pay, whether they have light or not; or he will cut them off! I hope the MD, Jos Electricity Distribution Company (JEDC) has my petition, by now!

Gidan Kashe Ahu 3

Now,Ngige again: The Non Academic Staff of Universities (NASU), the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) and the Nigerian Association of Academic Technogists(NAAT) are calling in their members. Among their demands are that IPPIS, the new payment system introduced by the FG, should restore their responsibility allowance, hazard, field trip and children’s education allowances.

Gidan kashe ahu 4

In the heat of the preparations for the Ondo State Governorship Election, the   Independent National Electoral  Commission (INEC), in that State, did not see it fit to safeguard sensitive equipment like card readers. They were kept in a container.Ordinary container. Haba! The fire just destroyed them. This is culpable negligence and the Police should invite the  State INEC Commissioner and his staff. The fire is too pat!

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You would have noticed that I ignored Two major events in Nigeria – the weekend news that the self acclaimed BH terrorist/ criminal, Terwase Akwaza,aka Gana, was killed by soldiers of Op Ayem Akpatuma III( Ex Cat Race) , in Benue State. The circumstances are shrouded in controversy,but,the  important fact: He’s dead. A menace removed. The 2nd matter: The Ministerial Performance  Review Retreat. The President made the usual small talk. He avoided the big talk. And the BIG Talk is the must- do Cabinet Reshuffle. Here are a few tips, Your Excellency: Education= new Minister,HCN Nwajuiba; Humanitarian= Zainab Ahmed; Finance/ Budget= VP to supervise Directly ( so that the Post Covid  Economic Sustainability Plan can work; Information= Tony Momoh, junior= Queen Amina; Justice= Festus Keyamo; Women Affairs= Sadiya Umar Farouq; Sen Akume= Internal Affairs; Health= Prof Abayomi; Service Chiefs and Inspector General of Police to remain,in place. These suggestions are in good faith. It’s astounding that a person does not know how he’s performing!

Dare To Criticize Buhari…in an age of mass adulation…And Reverse Psychology.

Mallam Garba Shehu holds a very exotic title in the corridors of Aso Villa ( that’s the seat of power in Nigeria). I think he is the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Media. He’s very vocal. If I’m to believe Queen Amina’s Blog, then, Mr Shehu is not under Femi Adesina, the President’s Special Adviser on Media. According to Queen Amina, all Ministers are equal. There’s no senior. Well, implausible, but, possible. After all,the APC in its Constitution, orders that all structures at the National level , are replicated. It states, with Latin authority, ” mutatis mutandis.” So, Mr Shehu is a powerful man. He has told us, unequivocally, that only Buhari can stand eyeball to eyeball with Obasanjo.( the young man needs to read Prof Soyinka’s The Lion and The Jewel, It’s a lesson in cunning). I write this Post to remind Garba Shehu and the Buharists( many thoroughbred fakes) that the essence of criticism is to remind. Criticism is a reminder to the Boss; so, sir, “constructive” criticism is merely flattery. For out of the mouth of madness,do monarchs hear the truth. Thus, in both English and French Courts, the Court Jester was the only one to tell the Monarch the truth.

In an earlier Post, 60 years on: Time to name the Fathers of the Nation, l respectfully, included President Buhari. It is a mark of my recognition of his Legacy. So, don’t fret, Buharists. Don’t shout us down! The vehemence of trying to convince us that certain policies are for our own good. Apart from Jesus the Christ (pbuh), I’ve not heard of any powerful man, who will willingly allow himself to be tortured and nailed to the cross: And Him with overwhelming powers to call armies rank on rank. So, if a landlord increases rent because of the fuel price increase, we should throng the streets jubilating and asking for more punishment?

Magana Jari Ce

Our Festus and the soup on his silk.

You see yourself! Can you see yourself! People must outgrow certain tendencies of the teenage and twenties ages – and childish tendencies and tantrums. Such displays end up, one of two ways: People wonder about what other influences are affecting the man; on the other hand, playing to the gallery is infantile.Sorry,Festus, we are aging. Now, reason must stride before activism. In my last Post, I queried you for the childish display at the National Assembly (NASS); then, your senior Minister, Mr Ngige,a politician, went with you, a penitent subordinate, to apologize, to the NASS. Now, if The Nation of 31 August,2020, is to be believed,you have been “restricted to a supervisory role.” Meaning, the NDE is in charge: That is, politics. Then, the Paper listed the new sharing formula:

Send/Reps= 150 per LG

Governors= 100 per LG

Ministers=50 per LG

Others= 100

Gen Public ( read, LG Chair, Party Leaders,etc= 600).

So, were the outbursts and press tantrums, necessary?

Gidan Kashe ahu

In basic Psychology, I’m told that there’s a term for the “abnormal” – Reverse Psychology. This is what is happening to the Nigerian Economy and it’s Operators. Some people want to tell the WHOLE Country, the opposite of what we know.

First, at a time,we need all medical personnel, on deck, our Resident Doctors have begun a strike, over unpaid hazard allowances, promotion and other benefits, I recall that the Health Minister, Dr Ehanire – and him, a medical doctor and German trained – said the medical staff, were doing their normal duties – as if Covid has always been with us!

Then, just last week, the Hon Minister of Petroleum Resources,Mr Timipre Sylva, audaciously, told us that Our President, will not interfere, in the new petrol pricing regime. Wow!

We’ve been told that if we do not agree, the spectre of fuel queues and fuel scarcity, loom large. We’ve been told that the Federal Government will save trillions – and State Governments – will be able to pay outstanding salaries. Blithely forgetting that each State has a “budget”. So, what’s all this about reverse psychology? Simple answer: In a time of falling crude prices, with countries cutting production, the Nigerian “economic” advisers tell us that, for Nigeria to survive, we must face increased pump price of petrol. Again, blithely forgetting that the DSDP, which they put in place as a”cushion” is still operative. I’ll be damned! Can 250 million people be so dumb? No, we’re not! At a time other countries are giving out stimulus and palliatives, like holding down evictions, we are told that new taxes have to be paid, electricity tariff has increased and DStv can increase its prices. I don’t know about Yaba Left ( the National Psychiatric Hospital,Yaba and its sister services, but, definitely, new registrations, will be noticed. Aren’t divorce, adultery and all manner of pregnancies, plus, of course, “rape” on the increase?

Gidan kashe ahu 2

By the way, there’s a difference between crude oil prices and refined oil. I see that several commentators on Social Media, want us to believe that they are twins. Not quite true. Most of them quoted Globalpetrolprices.com. They praised it so much, but, forgot again, to read the small prints. The Site, categorically stated that the prices of fuel at the pump differ – rich countries higher and poor and exporting countries lower. The exception, they say, is the US. That Nigeria is not mentioned, is not an oversight. No. It is to tell us that the febrile nature of our Economy, defies diagnosis.

Magana Jari Ce 2

Kudos to Prof Osinbajo, the Vice President and the Legal team,from the Justice Ministry, for loosening the self-knotted of P&ID. But, I can’t resist: Who was the Oyibo man, who led our team? I hope we didn’t pay more than what we are fighting?

Magana Jari Ce heard that for some inexplicable reason, the PTF-COVID19 and the States have put their acts together ( except, of course, for a few States, in the Southwest, who delusions of bey under Mr Trump. Read the daily figures and see.

Thanks for reading. I really don’t care if I spoilt your new week. Na you Sabi. Whether you read it to the end or just a glance, it doesn’t matter. The Idomas say, if you see a masquerade and turn your face, it doesn’t matter, you’ve seen it.

Next week, a deep ache in my heart. What does the Idoma movement, Benue Rebirth Movement (BRM) mean by a National Advisory Council(NAC)? It’s a frightening read. The list shows all those who Could and Should have given us Apa State. I’m scared.