Poetry,Music, Love and The Near Invisible Cord Binding Mankind


So, I begin this Post, with a tribute to all men, women, children , who have throughout the Ages, woven the Silken cord of poetry, music and love to hold Humanity together.  We have collectively rewarded them – Poet laureate, Nobel Prize for Literature, the Nigerian Prize for Literature. And we have heaped honours on them, from Dryden, from Robert Frost,from Soyinka,from JP Clark, from Achebe, from  Zainab Alkali..for they shared our pains and voiced them. Thus, they eased us. And I pay tribute to Us, the listeners,who, irrespective of colour, of gender, of religious allegiances, share their Mission. A good poem. No. Any good writing does not betray itself. It’s only at the end, you give a grateful sigh – and reluctantly come back. But, the Cord of Humanity had been shared.

Each week I intend to pick a poet,a musician and a love song. And share. In this First of Poetry,Music and Love, I present the poem, Tempestuous Waters by Wendy Starryeyes, an American. A Texan. A mother. A good soul.

Floating Through the oceans of life a

Tale at times to be a ferocious journey through

a turbulent current
Filled with pain and strife
Marines who I thought would always
Be with me have not survived
Times of weakness my heart wanders and
Loses faith
That one day I too will be where they have
The Seafarer is who I became
Feeling lost in the choppiness of life’s drifting
The waves swell through the night
To and fro with immense emotions
Realisation hits me, I have no control
I fall to my knees and give the Lord my
Waking after outlasting the tumultuous waves
Sun glistening, oceanic seabirds squawking in
A restful, serene state
The stream now has become a quiet vision of peacefulness
Preparation to guide me through life’s
immeasurable distress
Next time I know I will never again be alone
He is always with me
Through the Tempestuous Waters
To calm my storms.
                    (@Wendy Ronshausen,2017)

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